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Q: How many EUFA super cup did FC Barcelona have so far?
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How many times have Liverpool fc won the supper cup?

If by super cup, you mean the EUFA Super Cup; then they have won it 3 times.

When is the eufa cup final?

Eufa Cup final is 20 May in Istanbul

How many times have Barcelona won the European super cup?


How many UEFA super cup does FC Barcelona have so far?


Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

How many times have Liverpool one the EUFA cup?

Three times, 1973, 1976 and 2001

Which EUFA Cup final did Jim McCluskey of Scotland referee?


Who was the only player to win world cup eufa cup European cup and four divisions of football league?

David john

How many king cup Barcelona won?


Who was in the 2009 uefa super cup final?

The match was played between Barcelona and Shakter Donstek.

What year did liverpol win facup league cup and eufa cup?

2001 - they beat Arsenal (FA Cup), Birmingham (League Cup) and Alaves (UEFA Cup).

How many Barcelona players at world cup 2010?

There are roughly ten Barcelona players in the 23 .

Who was the first irishman to win the eufa European cup?

Tony Dunne Manchester United 1968

How many times have barcelona won the UEFA Cup?


How many world cup games have Barcelona won?


How many times has Barcelona won the fa cup?

Barcelona have no chance to win the F.A. cup, which is Englands oldest cup,it is played in England between only English clubs.

How many times did Barcelona won FIFA world club?

Barcelona is not a team in the fifa world cup

How many times did Barcelona won the liga bbva cup?

this many times

Manchester united vs Barcelona super cup final?

Barcelona possessed the ball during the champion league final for nine unbroken minutes in may of 2009...

Which player has won the premier league cup winners cup eufa cup been relegated but never played in the championship or and won the champions league?

Nwankwo Kanu.

How many World Cups did Barcelona win?

Barcelona can not win the world cup, they can only win the champion league.

How many European cup did FC Barcelona take so far?


How many times has Barcelona won the copa del ray?

Barcelona won the Spanish Cup in the same season in which he scored the highest number of goals, and how many?

If Barcelona win 2 - 0 against Real Madrid will they win the 2017 Super Cup?

Yes, they would win on away goals.

Who were the last team to win the European cup winners cup?