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The Shadow Club was created in 1988.

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Q: When was The Shadow Club created?
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How long is the book The Shadow Club?

The Shadow Club is 202 pages long.

Who is the leader of the Moshi Shadow Club?

Dear (Insert name here)The Proud leader of the Shadow Club is Summerpuppylove or on Club Penguin Phillipagent.Kind RegardsThe Moshi Shadow Club

Who Is The Moshi Shadow Club?

Dear (Insert Name Here)The Members OF The Shadow Club Aregrapey17korra4723patty4723katrina2065creamycandy8cjccammbella22cl30zcuttestfanbrendanvahey123emilija9872princess4576oaten1poodlezero1flower9004grei_poppetcyndaquilisthebestannabeukemaunicornsatemetreacleopielofairies-rule2003shanzebra123lovelypuppy200270mantybearsecretaryshadowclubrosyposygirl123lili96660cuddles4402holommjkaang74kimpossible9422pinky12345672152picachew2828dager10smuggeesparklez2001bmanguyilovegardevoirashyn7949mara9882marirocks0604lenny1604riess1234567890awesomeemilly123leak92caris9802marangeriesmiss-ellaxxxhipeh34disclove2000ziggystarmustdisguisddonutfluffyanaliloh123456789layakkamiKind regardsThe Shadow Club

What is the ISBN of The Shadow Club?

The ISBN of The Shadow Club is 0-525-46833-1.

Who are the main characters in the book shadow club?

Cheryl and Jared, they are best friends who start the Shadow Club.

What the conflict of the shadow club?

the shadow club starts pulling pranks on the first best people in there sport

Which member of the shadow club played which prank on the shadow club?

i know thatdavid got slime in his trumpet

When was My Shadow created?

My Shadow was created in 2011.

When was The Shadow created?

The Shadow was created in 1937.

Why was shadow club banned?


Is shadow the hedgehog created?

yes shadow the hedgehog was created by eggman

When was Shadow of a habit created?

Shadow of a habit was created in 2001.

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