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Ole Miss Rebels football was created in 1890.

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Q: When was Ole Miss Rebels football created?
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Related questions

When was Ole Miss Rebels baseball created?

Ole Miss Rebels baseball was created in 1893.

What was the 1959 Ole Miss Rebels football team roster?

tom mccann

What college football team has most points in a bowl game?

ole miss rebels

What was Ole Miss football teams nickname before called the Rebels?

Because they are rebels.Duh

Who did Florida NCAA football lose to in 2008?

University of Mississippi Rebels aka Ole Miss

Who is the only team to beat the 2008 Florida Gators in football?

ole miss rebels 31-30

Who is known as the rebels?

ole miss

What is the most overtimes played in one college football game?

8, Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Ole Miss Rebels

Why doesn't Ole Miss play Southern Miss in football?

Because Southern Miss is an inferior program. Correction, Southern Miss does not have an inferior program. University of Memphis plays both USM and Ole Miss. It is not certain why anyone would concider the tigers superior to the Eagles. It was determined that Ole Miss would no longer play USM because the rebels athletic department were growing fearful of losing their jobs when the Eagles last defeated the rebels.

What is the all time record of the University of Southern Mississippi vs Ole Miss in NCAA football?

The all time record of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the Ole Miss Rebels is 18-6, Ole Miss' favor. However, the two teams have not played since the 1984 season when Southern Miss won 13-10.

What college has uses the Rebels as the mascot?

A university/college that uses the Rebel as the mascot is the University of Mississippi. The name of the sport team that uses Rebel as the mascot is the Ole Miss Rebels football team.

How did the Ole Miss rebels get their name?

the rebels in the civil war....... go rebs hotty toddy!

Dale Harvey on Ole Miss football team?

Dale Harvey, Ole Miss Football 1985-1989

What college did Eli Manning attend?

Ole Miss Rebels

Where did Eli Manning go to college?

Ole Miss - Mississippi Rebels

Who won the 1971 football game between southern miss and Ole Miss?

Ole Miss...20 - 6

What is the record of ole miss vs Florida in football?

ole miss 15 florida 11

What are the football series records for ole miss and ms state vs southern miss?

Ole Miss 18 USM 6

When is the last time southern miss beat Ole Miss in football?

1984- USM 13 - Ole Miss 10 (This was the last time the two teams met on the football field).

In what league does Ole Miss Football play?

Ole Miss Rebel Football is the University of Mississippi's team representative. It plays on NCAA, division I. Throughout the history, Ole Miss Rebel Football won 6 southeastern conference title and won 3 national championships.

When was Now Appearing at Ole Miss created?

Now Appearing at Ole Miss was created in 1980.

When was the last time the Florida gators lost to the ole miss rebels?

Prior to Ole Miss' 31-30 upset of Florida on September 27, 2008 that was October 4, 2003 when Ole Miss defeated Florida, 20-17, in Gainesville.

What is the win loss record between the Florida Gators and the Ole Miss Rebels?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Ole Miss leads the season series 11-9-1.

Who did Ellie Manning play football for?

Ole miss.

Who did chris big black boykin play football for?

ole miss