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National Football Conference was created in 1970.

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Q: When was National Football Conference created?
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What are the two conference's?

The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

What is a conference in football?

The NFL has 2 conferences. The NFC (national football conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) The AFC was created after the AFL (American Football league) disbanded and converged into the NFL in 1970

What does AFC and NFC stand for in the NFL?

AnswerI THINK ITS THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE AND THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE? AnswerAmerican Football Conference and National Football Conference. These are the successors of the American Football League and the National Football League, respectively, after the two leagues were combined to form the NFL.

Which conference is the Washington Redskins in?

The National Football Conference.

When was American Football Conference created?

American Football Conference was created in 1970.

What do AFC and NFC stand for?

American Football Conference National Football Conference

What are the two NFL conferences?

The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

What does AFC?

I think it means Athletic Football ClubAnswer:American Football Conference (NFC is National Football Conference).

When was The National Conference Center created?

The National Conference Center was created in 1974.

When was National Conference League created?

National Conference League was created in 1986.

When was National Panhellenic Conference created?

National Panhellenic Conference was created in 1902.

When was National Basketball Conference created?

National Basketball Conference was created in 2004.

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