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I think Manchester utd were always in the division 1, ever since the premier league started.

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Q: When was Manchester united promoted to division 1?
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Was Manchester United ever relegated from Division 1 League If yes when?


Can a team be promoted from the EIHA division 1?

No. A team from EIHA can not be promoted to Division 1

How many times have Manchester united won division 1?

man u have won the division 1 3 times

I know Hereford United and Exeter City got Promoted twice in 2 years but has there been any other football teams that has done that?

Southend United got promoted from Division 3 to Division 2, and the following season were promoted to Division 1. I keep an ear out for Southend results, as my aunt supports them. Ros

What year did Aston Villa beat Man Utd in the cup final?

In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.In 1957. They beat Manchester United 2 - 1.

What year did Manchester united beat arsenal 6 to 1?

Manchester United beat arsenal 6 - 1 in 2001.

Who won the football game Manchester united vs Liverpool?

The game finished: Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool

Is Liverpool better or Manchester united?

Liverpool is far better want prove? Manchester United 1 - 4 LIVERPOOL

When was Manchester United relegated?

Manchester United were relegated to Division 2 at the end of the 1973/74 season. The result which finally sealed their fate was a 1:0 defeat at Old Trafford by local rivals Manchester City - the goal ironically being scored by ex Manchester United playerDenisLaw.He subsequently retired from football . Some people say he was devastated that is why he retired.

Has the Socceroos and Manchester United Vesed each other and if so what was the result?

5-1 to Manchester united

What age did David Beckham start playing for Manchester United?

Age of 1 he join the Manchester United

What is the highest goal score between Manchester united and arsenal?

It was a 7-1 victory for Manchester United.

How many titles have Manchester united won?

As of March 2011 Manchester United has won 18 First Division and Premier League titles, 2 Second Division titles, 11 FA Cup titles, 4 League Cups, 3 European Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and 1 UEFA Super Cup.

Who is Manchester uniteds best player?

Wayne Rooney Manchester united no.1

Is vidic playing for Manchester United now?

Yes, as of 3/1/10 he is still a Manchester United player.

What was the score in 2008 when Manchester united fc won against Chelsea in the champions league?

it was 1-1 Manchester united won on penalties

How many times did Manchester United beat Manchester City in 1990?

Manchester United did not beat Manchester City in 1990. The two competitive meetings between the Manchester rivals that year resulted in 1-1 and 3-3 draws.

Which was the last team to beat Manchester United 6 - 0?

The last team to beat Manchester United 6 - 0 was Ipswich Town, on March 1, 1980. Manchester United finished second in the league in that season, to Liverpool. Interestingly, all of the top seven teams lost their final Division One match of the 1979-80 sesaon.

What is the Manchester city biggest ever defeat against Manchester united?


Which is the no 1 football club in the world?

Manchester United

How many times have Manchester united defeated leeds united?

not a 100% sure but reacently leeds beat Manchester 1-0 !

What was the last score between Manchester United and Arsenal l?

The last score between the two was 3-1 to Manchester united

Today's game who will win Manchester United vs Everton?

Manchester United will win. I predict the game will end out 1 - 0.

Has Manchester City beaten Manchester United?

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AnswerYes many times most famously in 1974 when Manchester City won 0-1 with a goal for Manchester City from former Manchester United player Denis Law. The result made sure results elsewhere could not prevent Manchester United from being relegated to the old second division. Manchester City last beat Manchester United 2-1 in the League Cup (also known as the Carling cup) Semi-final first leg at the City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester on 19th January 2010. Goals: Man City Tevez (2) pen 42, 65. Man Utd Giggs 17. Manchester United won the semi-final second leg 3-1 at the Old Trafford Stadium on 27th January 2010. Goals: Man Utd Scholes 52, Carrick 71, Rooney 90. Man City Tevez 76. Manchester United progressed to the final 4-3 on aggregate.

When did Birmingham City last beat Manchester United?

As of January 7, 2010, Birmingham City last beat Manchester United on November 10, 1978, by a score of 5 - 1. Birmingham City finished the season second bottom of the league, and were relegated to Division Two.