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Q: When was Magic Johnson a sports broadcaster?
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Who is the richest sports star?

magic johnson

Who is a Democratic sports leader?

Magic Johnson

Magic johnson is associated with which sports?

Baseball, Basketball

When was Ian Payne - sports broadcaster - born?

Ian Payne - sports broadcaster - was born in 1962.

How much does a sports broadcaster get paid in a year?

The salary for a sports broadcaster per year will vary. It will depend on experience and who they work for. The average salary of a sports broadcaster is about $71,000 dollars per year.

What kind of education a sports broadcaster?

Sports Broadcaster should pursue a degree in communications, journalism or mass communications

When was Jeff Hammond - sports broadcaster - born?

Jeff Hammond - sports broadcaster - was born on 1956-09-09.

When was Michael Kay - sports broadcaster - born?

Michael Kay - sports broadcaster - was born on 1961-02-02.

When was Dave Roberts - sports broadcaster - born?

Dave Roberts - sports broadcaster - was born on 1964-07-31.

Do you have to go to college to be a sports broadcaster?

no you do not

Who was better Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

magic Johnson magic Johnson

What do thy call a sports broadcaster?


What qualificiations do you need to become a sports broadcaster?


How much do sports broadcaster make in a year?


What are some advancement opportunities for sports broadcaster?


What nicknames does Magic Johnson go by?

Magic Johnson goes by Magic, and Buck.

Who are famous sports players that live in Michigan?

well magic Johnson played for Michigan state if that helps

What number is magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson is number 32

Magic Johnson's siblings?

magic Johnson has 9 siblings

Who is better Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson

What disability did earvin magic Johnson have?

Magic Johnson had H.I.V.

What is the birth name of Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson's birth name is Johnson, Earvin.

What type of training is needed to become a sports broadcaster?

my balls

Who the highest paid sports anchor or broadcaster?

shannon o'neill

What is magic Johnson's full name?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.