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Ian Roberts - Rugby league - was born on 1965-07-31.

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Q: When was Ian Roberts - rugby league - born?
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When was Ian Grey - rugby league - born?

Ian Grey - rugby league - was born in 1930.

When was Ian Watson - rugby league - born?

Ian Watson - rugby league - was born in 1976.

When was Ian Cross - rugby league - born?

Ian Cross - rugby league - was born in 1989.

What is the sexual orientation of Ian Roberts?

It depends on which Ian Roberts you're talking about: Ian Roberts (DJ), British DJ on Magic 1152 in Manchester Ian Roberts (actor) (born 1965), American actor and comedian Ian Roberts (South African actor) (born 1952), South African actor, playwright and singer Ian Roberts (rugby league) (born 1965), Australian actor and former rugby league player well known for being the first openly gay rugby player Ian Roberts (footballer) (born 1957), former Australian rules footballer Ian Roberts (equestrian) (born 1958), Canadian equestrian events Olympian Ian Roberts (linguist) (born 1957), Professor of Linguistics at the University of Cambridge

Is Australian actor and former professional rugby league player Ian Roberts gay?

Yes, Ian Roberts is gay.

When was Ian Russell - rugby league - born?

Ian Russell - rugby league - was born on 1965-08-10.

When was Ian Hughes - rugby league - born?

Ian Hughes - rugby league - was born on 1962-03-13.

When was Ian Walsh - rugby league - born?

Ian Walsh - rugby league - was born on 1933-03-20.

When was Ian Henderson - rugby league - born?

Ian Henderson - rugby league - was born on 1983-04-23.

When did Ian Grey - rugby league - die?

Ian Grey - rugby league - died on 2009-07-07.

When was Ian Roberts - equestrian - born?

Ian Roberts - equestrian - was born in 1958.

When was Ian Campbell - rugby union - born?

Ian Campbell - rugby union - was born in 1928.

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