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Grambling State Tigers football was created in 1928.

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Q: When was Grambling State Tigers football created?
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When was Tennessee State Tigers football created?

Tennessee State Tigers football was created in 1916.

When was Jackson State Tigers football created?

Jackson State Tigers football was created in 1956.

What has the author Denny Dressman written?

Denny Dressman has written: 'Eddie Robinson' -- subject(s): African American football coaches, Grambling State Tigers (Football team), Football coaches, Biography, History

When was LSU Tigers representing Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Louisiana in the NCAA's Division I football created?

LSU Tigers football was created in 1893.

Who has won the most swac football championships?

Grambling State University

Is the grambling state tigers football team ranked number one in the swac?

Yes. Through 8 games of the 2010 season, Grambling is first in the West Division with a 7-0 conference record and a 7-1 overall record. They are the only undefeated team in the SWAC.

How many SWAC football titles have Grambling State University won?


What Division 1A Football Teams Did Grambling Beat?

Grambling defeated Oregon State in 1975 and 1985, Temple in 1977, and Hawaii in 1975 and 1976.

What are the Louisiana ncaa div 1 AA football teams?

Grambling, McNeese State, Nicholls State, Northwestern State, and Southern.

Where is tramon Douglas former grambling football player?

He is now the WR coach at Alcorn State.

What division is grambling state football team?

Division 1-AA playing in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

What city is grambling state in?

Grambling, LA

How many football team mascots are tigers?

The tiger is used by 7 teams in College Football. Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Princeton Tigers, and Towson Tigers.

Is grambling state university a public or private school?

Yes, Grambling State University is a private school

What is the nickname of the Louisiana State football team?

The nickname of the Louisiana State football team is the Tigers. The nickname was first coined in 1896 after an undefeated football season.

What is historically a black mens college football rivalry?

Some are Hampton v. Norfolk State, Grambling v. Southern, Tuskegee v. Alabama State held on Thanksgiving Day, Tennessee State and Jackson State, and Albany State v. Fort Valley State. Click on the 'Black Football Classics' to see more.

What is the mailing address of Grambling State University?

Grambling State University403 Main St.Grambling, Louisiana 71245

How many Division 1 football teams does Louisiana have?

1-A: Louisiana State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Lafayette, Tulane 1-AA: Grambling State, McNeese State, Nicholls State, Northwestern State, Southern

When was Valdosta State Blazers football created?

Valdosta State Blazers football was created in 1982.

When was Wichita State Shockers football created?

Wichita State Shockers football was created in 1895.

When was Michigan State Spartans football created?

Michigan State Spartans football was created in 1896.

When was Ball State Cardinals football created?

Ball State Cardinals football was created in 1924.

When was Iowa State Cyclones football created?

Iowa State Cyclones football was created in 1892.

When was Pittsburg State Gorillas football created?

Pittsburg State Gorillas football was created in 1908.

When was Fresno State Bulldogs football created?

Fresno State Bulldogs football was created in 1921.