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Fred Lewis - Basketball - was born in 1921.

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Q: When was Fred Lewis - basketball - born?
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When did Fred Lewis - basketball - die?

Fred Lewis - basketball - died in 1994.

When was Fred Lewis - handball - born?

Fred Lewis - handball - was born in 1947.

When was Fred Ewing Lewis born?

Fred Ewing Lewis was born in 1865.

When was R. Fred Lewis born?

R. Fred Lewis was born in 1947.

When was Fred Lewis born?

Fred Lewis was born on 1980-12-09.

When was Mike Lewis - basketball - born?

Mike Lewis - basketball - was born in 1946.

When was Fred Jones - basketball - born?

Fred Jones - basketball - was born on 1979-03-11.

When was Fred Vinson - basketball - born?

Fred Vinson - basketball - was born on 1971-01-28.

When was Molly Lewis - basketball - born?

Molly Lewis - basketball - was born on 1989-10-28.

When was Ralph Lewis - basketball - born?

Ralph Lewis - basketball - was born on 1963-03-08.

When was Hannah Lewis - basketball - born?

Hannah Lewis - basketball - was born on 1984-01-29.

When was Lewis Preston - basketball - born?

Lewis Preston - basketball - was born on 1970-10-31.

When and where was baseball player Fred Lewis born?

Fred Lewis was born October 13, 1858, in Buffalo, NY, USA.

When was Fred Irving Lewis born?

Fred Irving Lewis was born on September 21, 1882, in New York, USA.

When did Fred Ewing Lewis die?

Fred Ewing Lewis died in 1949.

What has the author Fred Lewis Turner written?

Fred Lewis Turner has written: 'Poems of friendship, love & truth'

When and where did baseball player Fred Lewis die?

Fred Lewis died June 5, 1945, in Utica, NY, USA.

What is R Fred lewis' email?


What year did Fred Lewis pitch for the Reds?

well 2 players named Fred Lewis have played and neither have pitched for the Reds the most recent Fred Lewis graduated in 2001 drafted by the Expos, then opted out and was redrafted 2002 by the Giants and has played with them in A(2002), AA(2003-2005), then in the Majors since then. The other Fred Lewis was an outfielder in the late 1800's.

Where was Fred born?

According to his "Fred Video's" Fred was born in a bar.

When did Fred Irving Lewis die?

Fred Irving Lewis died on July 28, 1960, in New York City, New York, USA of heart attack.

Who was on the 1999 oak hill academy basketball roster?


What are baseball player Fred Lewis's physical stats?

Fred Lewis is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs 194 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Who was the first black basketball at the university of Alabama?

Walter Lewis

When was Fred Sisson born?

Fred Sisson was born in 1879.

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