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FIFA Women's World Cup was created in 1991.

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Q: When was FIFA Women's World Cup created?
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Who won the 2010 womens World Cup?

The last FIFA womens world cup was in 2007 when Germany beat Brazil 2-0, the next FIFA womens world cup will be played in 2011.

When was the first FIFA womens world cup held?

The first F.i.F.A womens w3orld cup was held in 1991.

When was FIFA World Cup created?

FIFA World Cup was created in 1930.

What year did the womens World Cup start?

The fifa women's world cup began in 1991.

When is the next womens World Cup?

The next FIFA Women's World Cup will be held in 2011 in Germany.

Has Japan won a World Cup?

Yes, Japan won the Fifa Womens World Cup 2011

When was FIFA Futsal World Cup created?

FIFA Futsal World Cup was created in 1989.

When was FIFA Club World Cup created?

FIFA Club World Cup was created in 2000.

When was Voices from the FIFA World Cup created?

Voices from the FIFA World Cup was created on 2006-06-06.

When was FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup created?

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was created in 1995.

Who won the World Cup in 2008?

FIFA U20 Womens world cup in Chile 2008 was won by USA

When was the FIFA Women's World Cup first held?

The first F.i.F.A womens w3orld cup was held in 1991.

Where 2015 womens FIFA?

The 2015 ladies world cup will e held in Trinidad and Tobago.

How many goals in total did the Matildas score during the 2011 womens fifa world cup?


Who won the womens soccer world cup in 2012?

Japan won the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup in a nail-biting penalty shootout with USA.

Major world sporting events planned for 2011?

Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Cricket World Cup in Sub-Continent, ICC World Twenty20, Superbowl XLV, 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup in Germany.

Who was the 1930 World Cup mascot?

There was no mascot for 1930 fifa world cup. The first fifa world cup mascot was World Cup Willie for the 1966 fifa world cup.

How often are the womens FIFA World Cup played?

Like the mens F.i.F.A world cup that is held every four years, so is the w omens world cup that is also held every four years as well.

What is the fifa cup?

The fifa cup is the world cup for soccer

Is the World Cup football 17th?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th FIFA World Cup.

When was FIFA Confederations Cup created?

FIFA Confederations Cup was created in 1992.

Has Argentina ever won the FIFA World Cup?

Yes. Argentina won the 1978 FIFA World Cup and the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

In Which two times Argentina win FIFA World Cup?

1978 FIFA world cup 1986 FIFA world cup.

What country won the 1993 FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup was not held in 1993. Brazil won the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Where will the World Cup be held in 2004?

There was no FIFA World Cup in 2004. The 2002 FIFA World Cup was held in Japan/Korea Republic and the 2006 FIFA World Cup was held in Germany.