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Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's Ice Hockey was created in 1997.

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Q: When was Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's ice hockey created?
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What is the highest score in sport history?

it was 18 goals in hockey by the Canadian womens olympic hockey team. so many goals... so little quarters

How is mens hockey different from womens hockey?

Men are good

Who won womens olympic hockey?

Hockey or women's Field Hockey was won by the Netherlands

Hockey team captain?

Womens hockey team, Team GB: Kate Walsh

Can you name an Australian womens hockey player?


Who has the most medlas in womens ice hockey?


Which country won the gold medal in womens hockey?


Who is the womens hockey coach in Harvard University?

Katy Stone

Who are the 2010 gold medalists in mens and womens hockey?


When did womens ice hockey first get played in the Olympics?


What were Canadian womens rightsroles in the early 1900s?


Do Canada usually win any gold medals for Ice Hockey?

yes Canada won gold in both mens and womens ice hockey at the Salt Lake City Winter games of 2002. The women repeated in 2006 at Turin. In Vancouver in 2010, both the Canadian mens and womens teams took home the gold.

Who is the best womens field hockey player?

In my view it is Luciana Aymar. She is the Diego Maradona of field hockey.

Who won the womens hockey world cup in 1986?

The Netherlands won

When was Bronxville Womens' Club created?

Bronxville Womens' Club was created in 1927.

What is the plural of women?

Women is plural. The singular form is woman. One woman, two women. If you see "womens" , it is referring to the possessive and should be "Women's", as in "Canadian Olympic Women's Hockey Team".

Can girls play hockey?

Yes, in Canada there is a womens hockey team that won a game then celebrated by smoking cigars on the ice!

What year did womens hockey start in the Olympics?

The first Winter Olympics that featured women's ice hockey was the 1998 Games in Nagano.

When was Indonesian Womens Football Tournament created?

Indonesian Womens Football Tournament was created in 2006.

When was Sheffield Wednesday Womens F.C. created?

Sheffield Wednesday Womens F.C. was created in 1971.

What womens field hockey team is headed to the Olympic Games next summer?


Who is the current Captain of the 2017 Indian Women Hockey team?

The current captain of the 2017 Indian Womens Hockey team is Sushila Chanu

When was Ad-din Womens Medical College created?

Ad-din Womens Medical College was created in 1985.

What was the highest scored hockey game?

I am almost 100% sure that it was a womens hockey game , Bulgaria vs. Slovakia. The score was 83-0 for Slovakia.

How has women's hockey grown in popularity throughout the years?

Americans have become less intelligent. No one in their right mind would watch womens hockey.