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Brazilian National Soccer Team was born on August 20, 1914, in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Q: When was Brazilian National Soccer Team born?
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Can a soccer player play for a national soccer team if his parnets were born there?


If you were born in US and your parents are from Mexico which national soccer team would you play for?

which ever you want to play for it can be any national team that calls you up to the national team

Who is the famous athlete for soccer?

Pelé (b. Edison Arantes do Nascimento, October 21 or 23, 1940) is the most famous athlete for soccer.Specifically, the Brazilian-born soccer player achieved worldwide fame and respect as a forward/attacking midfielder in his professional career. Pelé played with the Santos soccer team of Brazil, 1956-1974; and then with the New York Cosmos soccer team of the United States, 1975-1977. Additionally, he was a member of the Brazilian national team, 1957-1971. His place is unique on Brazil's national football team, where he remains the leading scorer of all time. Thus far, he also is the only soccer player to have helped bring three national teams to World Cup victory and to have received three World Cup winning medals.

Was football legend Pele born in Brazil?

Pele was born October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil.

Who is pato?

Pato (born September 2, 1989 in Pato Brancho) is a Brazilian footballer who, as of February 2014 plays for Corinthians. Pato has represented the Brazilian national football team since 2008.

If you were born in Mexico can you play for the US national soccer team?

Yes, there are players all the time that are born in one country that play for another. Like Guiseppe Rossi He was born in New Jersey but he plays for the Italy national team.

Which country does Ronaldhino play for?

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born March 21, 1980. He plays for a Brazilian footballer team called Atletico Mineiro and is also the captain of the national team.

If you are born in northern Ireland can you play soccer for England?

You can if you have at least one English born parent or grandparent and you have not played for another senior national football team.

Who is Ashley Richards?

Ashley "Jazz" Richards (born April 12, 1991) is a soccer player who has played for Swansea and the Wales national team.

What is Miroslav Stoch famous for?

Miroslav Stoch is an internationally acclaimed soccer star. The Czechoslavakian born Stoch currently plays for a team in Istanbul, Tukey. He also plays on the Slovakia national team.

What 2011 soccer team does ronaldinho play for?

Ronaldinho currently plays for the Brazilian team Atletico Mineriro. Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980 as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira in the town of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

How old was Mia Hamm when she first made the US Womens National Soccer Team?

she has been playing soccer for 18 years and then retired to be with her family