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which ever you want to play for it can be any national team that calls you up to the national team

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Q: If you were born in US and your parents are from Mexico which national soccer team would you play for?
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What is the national game of Brazil?

The national game of Brazil would be soccer, or football.

What is the national game of Zambia?

I would bet it's soccer

Who would win in a soccer game Mexico or elsalvador?

Mexico should have the obvious advantage over El Salvador with their form and experience.

What are the popular sports played in Guatemala?

Since its right near Mexico i would say soccer

What is Cameroons national sport?

They dont have one, but, not unlike most countries in Africa, Soccer is a HUGE part of everyone's lives. If they did have one, it would definitely be soccer!

Can you get dual citizenship in Mexico if your grand parents were born there but your parents were born in US?

No. It would mostly depend on where YOU were born.

Who would win in soccer Mexico or US?

USA won Mexico 10 time straight since 2000 and Mexico won 2 time only so USA wins

What are some soccer teams from Mexico?

Some soccer team from Mexico would be these top five teams: Club America, Club Deportivo Guadalajara, Pachuca(the oldest having been founded in 1901), Pumas, and finally Toluca.

What languages are spoken in Brazil and Mexico?

The official and national language of Brazil is Portuguese.The national language of Mexico is Spanish.

What are the ten most popular sports in Mexico?

I don't know what the top 10 are but i would say soccer is the top.

Who is considered to be the best soccer player?

Many would argue the best soccer player today is Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and the Portuguese national team.

What is south Africa's national football stadium called?

Soccer City in Soweto, Johannesburg is hosting both the opening game and the final so I would say that Soccer City is South Africa's national football stadium.

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