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BYU Cougars football was created in 1922.

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Q: When was BYU Cougars football created?
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When was BYU Cougars men's soccer created?

BYU Cougars men's soccer was created in 1980.

What is the BYU Cougars football stadium called?

Lavell Edwards Stadium

When was the BYU Cougars first football season?

BYU's first season of football was 1922 when they went 1-5 under head coach Alvin Twitchell.

Who is better BYU or U of U?

BYU! Go Cougars! They are much better than the U! BYU COUGARS BABY!

When was Houston Cougars football created?

Houston Cougars football was created in 1946.

Where can one obtain byu cougars?

An individual can get tickets to a BYU Cougars game by going to pages such as Ticket Master, Stub Hub, Ticket Ability, as well as the official BYU Cougars webpage.

When was Washington State Cougars football created?

Washington State Cougars football was created in 1893.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1981 Holiday Bowl - 1981?

The cast of 1981 Holiday Bowl - 1981 includes: LaVell Edwards as Himself - BYU Cougars Head Coach Kurt Gunther as Himself - BYU Cougars Kicker Tom Holmoe as Himself - BYU Cougars Cornerback Jim McMahon as Himself - BYU Cougars Quarterback (Co-MVP) Mike Mees as Himself - BYU Cougars Punter Scott Pettis as himself Dan Plater as Himself - BYU Cougars Wide Receiver Jim Walden as Himself - Washington St. Cougars Head Coach Kyle Whittingham as Himself - BYU Cougars Linebacker (Co-MVP)

Which team is more popular BYU Cougurs or Utah Utes?

Cougars. They have BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii and the central BYU in Utah that all help them grow more popular. Plus, they are said to have more tradition and more entertaining football games.

What college did Steve young play for?

the BYU cougars

What are the team colors for the BYU Cougars?

Blue and White

Who is Utah's rival in college basketball?

The BYU cougars

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