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Both, It depends on your league. I have played both ways. There are at least 2 mat size 16.5"x25" & 17"x36"

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Q: When using a strike mat in slow pitch softball is the plate part of the strike zone?
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What is the difference between slow pitch softball and regular softball?

Slowpitch Softball is played using a high-arc pitching technique where the ball slowly falls into the strike-zone. Slowpitch speeds range from 25mph-35mph. Fastpitch Softball a windmill pitching technique is used that increases that speed of the pitch significantly and allows the pitcher to throw different kinds of pitches like drop, rise, curve, screw, and change. Fastpitch speed range from usually 50mph-65mph. The rules are basically the same, minus some variations in batting. In slow pitch if you foul off the third strike you are out. In fastpitch the strike is not called until you swing with no contact with the ball. Both require different equipment. EX:A fastpitch bat is different from a slowpitch bat. Slow Pitch...the coach pitches it and fast of the teammates pitches it! :)

How can you break a slow pitch bat?

you can break a slow pitching by using the bat in a regular or fast pitching softball game.

In softball does stride affect your pitch?

yes it pretty much affects your pitching. For one, being closer to the plate gives an illusion that the ball is going faster than it really is. Using the power of the legs helps generate more force when pitching.Including a good stride will help on your pitching. it is important to increase it's flexibility to avoid unwanted injuries.

Who named softball?

The inventors because they were using a boxing glove as a BALL and it was SOFT so they decided to name it SOFTBALL.

Who named the softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.

What is a sentence using the word strike in it?

Strike while the iron is hot! The union workers are on strike for better wages.

The most common ways to record outs in softball?

Using a scorebook...

How did electricity change the game of softball?

Electricity changed the game of softball when women started using metal bats. When there is a lightning and thunder storm, a softball game is postponed so no one will get struck by lightning!

What is a sentence using the term plate?

I ate dinner on a plate.

How do you calculate acceleration using newtons and kilograms?

Ex: During a softball game, a 0.2kg softball is hit by a bat. If the net force exerted on the softball by the bat is 300N (Newton's), what is the softball's acceleration?0.2kg is mass, so you would take 0.2 divided by 300=1,500... your welcome smarty

How do you calculate 12 INCH softball?

How do you calculate? A 12 inch softball is 12 inches in circumference so you would measure around the ball using a tape measure.

How do you put house door latch back together?

Just the knobs? This implies old locks with the long inset lock. Are they too tight and not allowing the catch to fully come out? If newer stile locks and you changed the entire lock, then there is some very small difference in the plunger and the strike plate between manufactures. Using the strike plate supplied with the lock should fix the problem or it may need to be adjusted just a bit.