When undertaker said he buried some one is true or is fake?

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Q: When undertaker said he buried some one is true or is fake?
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Is undertaker really buried?

no that would never happen they just say that but its an act not all of wrestleing is fake but some of it is

What year did undertaker return after being buried alive?

well The undertaker was buried alive by his brother Kane helping vince in 2003 .That time the undertaker had his last days as the American badass he then returned in 2004 when some of the wwe superstars were celebrating Randy ortons victory.The undertaker was buried alive again but i forget who it was who buried him and he came back in 2007 at survivor series to face Kane.

Is undertaker retiring?

He has thought about it but some are saying that he will wait till he is in the hall of fame

Is it fake that undertaker unbeaten in wrestle-mania?

Well, some of the wrestling moves, such as punching, is fake. And his win is planned. So technically, yes.

Which wrestlers have been in a buried alive match?

undertaker and yokozuna sorry but yokozuna hasn't been in a Buried Alive Match but has had two casket matches with The Undertaker The first Buried Alive Match was at IYH: Buried Alive on October 20, 1996, between Undertaker & Mankind, Which Mankind eventually won with the help of Some other Superstars The second Buried Alive Match was at Rock Bottom on December 13, 1998 was between the Undertaker and Stone Cold , Stone had help from Kane to win The third Buried Alive Match was on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown! It was for the WWF Tag Team Titles as the Rock'N'Sock connection defended the titles against Undertaker & Big Show which undertaker & Big Show won The fourth Buried Alive Match was at Survivor Series 2003....11/16/03....between Undertaker & Vince McMahon.Vince ended up winning with Kanes help.

Did undertaker live buried?

no undertaker did not buried alive , hi burieded by Kane , but there was a secret block that's pass to backstage, and undertaker paases through that block [ hole]. and go to the car . the undertaker will back in just 3-4 months when wrestlemania will come early. for example hi will come in royal rumbel or elimination chamber.hi will show that hi dead in buried alive match , but hi did not dead , and called him as adead man . hi is not a god , ghost or magician. undertaker father paul bear is not a real father of undertaker and Kane.. undertaker is some 40% fake, when i was seeing tv, hi fighting with cahvo guerreo . hi give chavo a fast tombstone pidelriver. when i saw the replay of that tombstone , hi did not put his head to the ground or that stage. hi make her legs joined and give tombstone. and chavo also act like hi get a tombstone from undertaker. and loose

Was the undertaker buried?

It was impossible to say the Nexus attacked and dumped him in the Grave and soon after Kane Bulldozed in a Pile of Earth on top although the Undertaker is now on WWE Raw so if he was buried alive he must have some Breathing to stay alive for near on 4 months

Is their 2 The Undertakers?

well in Undertaker's earlier years Undertaker was put in a coffin and wasn't seen for a long time. Finally some guy pretending to be Undertaker came to WWE, but he wasn't the Undertaker. the real Undertaker finally showed up and faced the fake Undertaker, or "Underfaker" at a PPV and defeated him while doing 3 Tombstone Pile Drivers.

Will undertaker come back after his buried alive match with Kane?

Yes, He will definitely come But may be he will come up in some days or he will come in wrestlemania ;)

Who killed the under taker?

Cane cant kill undertaker in dead or buried match he was supported by some nexus member and atlast taker loses the match

Where is sir francis drake buried?

It is said that the explorer was found some where near the panama.

Is Undertaker stronger than Kane?

The Undertaker, The phenom is stronger! Undertaker lost to Kane at night of champions then Hell in A cell followed by A buried alive match. The reason why this is is because Undertaker needed more time because he still had some injuries wearing on him espically his shoulder, He will return before wrestlmania and challange Kane I guess and regain his holy grail the world champion!And get his revenge on the Nexus. otherwise undertaker would have won all three of those paper views....... UNDERTAKER 4EVA

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