When to start bodybuilding?

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Whenever you feel like it and feel like you are getting alot fatter than you are or you woulnd be wanting to lift weights.

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Q: When to start bodybuilding?
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How do I start bodybuilding at 13 years old?

To start bodybuilding at 13 years old you must consult with a specialized trainer and start off slowly.

What is age for bodybuilding?

A good age to start is 16.

Can a British born young Indian girl compete in bodybuilding if so where do you start?

Start in india itself

How to start body building for female 39 years old?

It is never too late to start bodybuilding - even at 39. So you know what exercises to do, it is best to join a gym or hire a personal trainer who has experience with bodybuilding.

Should underage bodybuilders be banned?

There is no legal age limit to start bodybuilding so, no.

Can you start for bodybuilding at the age of 40?

of course. I guess you're too old not to be training!! :)

Will the heart health supplements hurt us if we start bodybuilding?

Taking supplements while bodybuilding is considered to be dangerous. There are side effects to many supplements. Before taking heart healthy supplements while bodybuilding, you should discuss it will a medical professional.

How much muscle pain should I feel while bodybuilding?

When starting bodybuilding, you should feel minor aches and pains, this signifies that your muscles are developing resistance, which is the core of bodybuilding. As you gain muscle, the pain should start to fade after every workout.

Were do you go if you want to start bodybuilding if you live in Sacramento CA bodybuilding?

1. 24 Hour Fitness Sport 2. California Family Fitness 3. Gold's Gym I would go to Gold's Gym but these are the top 3 centers for bodybuilding in Sacramento, CA.

What year did Arnold start bodybuilding?

Sometime in the early 1960s, because he was in his early teens when he started.

Do I have to get rid of fat before you start playing bodybuilding?

PLAYING?!?! No you don't have to... You don't have to get rid of it in either playing and doing...

What is the name of the prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world?

The Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Competition.

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