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Q: When the uefa Europe use the ball for tournament?
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What is EFA in FIFA 09?

EFA is the name used in FIFA 09 to represent the UEFA Tournament. They could not get the license to use the UEFA name and had to make it shorter.

Does a pro have to use the same ball for a tournament?

No, they can change the ball every hole if they want. They do however have to use the same brand and type for the whole round.

Can you use metal cleats in 14 year old age group of softball?

Yes,but it depends on if you are in travel ball, tournament ball,or regular school ball

In Table tenis when you use red ball and when white ball?

Table tennis balls must be white or orange. The tournament organiser will choose which one to use. The white ball is the most popular.

Can you use a degreaser on your bowling ball?

There are approved cleaners for use on the bowling ball. While you are bowling, you are limited to specific cleaners that can be used as you may not alter the surface of a ball during league or tournament play.

Is a crystal ice pink golf ball illegal to use in a tournament?

Of corse not it would be perfectly fine

Can Pro Golfers use Yellow Golf Balls?

Yes, pro golfers can use any colour of golf ball as long as it has been approved for tournament play.

Is a noodle ice golf ball illegal to use in a tournament?

Only if your Brian Baranowsky for everyone else its okay because i have a left hook.

What is size of a standard beer pong ball?

although you do you a table tennis ball for beer pong there is still difference in sizes and quality. You can use whatever size you want but a tournament size beer pong ball is a 40mm. Compared to a 38mm or other size ball

Can you use tournament in a sentence?

"Paul went off to his golf tournament"

How do you use ghosts in a tournament?


Can you use a pull cart in a golf tournament?

depends what tournament and age group

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