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Q: When the tigers won the state championship they dumped the water jug on the coach?
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Did the Katy tigers win the championship in 1998?

No they were disqualified because a tiger football player was ineligible at the time of the semifinal game, which Katy won. As the tigers were getting ready to go to state, the head coach Mike Johnston told the team they had been yanked from the state game. This disqualification devastated the tigers and the community.

What college football coach has won the national championship 5 times in a row?

Coach Billy Joe, Central State University (Ohio)

What Head Coach won NCAA Football championships as head coach with more than one team?

If you are saying just Division 1 then no, but Jim Tressel (who now coaches for Ohio State) won the Divison 2 Championship at Youngtown State and the NCAAF Championship with Ohio State.

Who was the coach of North Carolina State's championship teams?

Norm Sloan, (1974) and Jim Valvano 1983

What Ohio State assistant on the 1968 National Championship team went on to become Head coach at NC State?

Lou Holtz.Holtz went on to become the head coach at William and Mary in 1969 and then North Carolina State in 1972.

When did North Carolina State win a national championship?

Frank is a great coach, and Tech is a team to be proud of, but the national championship has not happened yet. Now what the heck is a "Hokie"?

Who won the 1966 ncaa 1a football championship?

San Diego State University Aztecs. Coach: John Madden

Which former Wichita state linebacker was also a Super Bowl championship coach for the New York Giants?

Bill Parcell

Who won the NCAA men's basketball championship in 2000?

The Terrapins and their coach Gary Williams were the champions.

Who was the first football coach to equip his team in white football shoes?

Leo Strang--Head Coach of the Massillon Tigers HS Football Team-- first used white shoes with his 1958 National and State Championship team (used the entire season--kid loved them, because they made them look particularly fast during Friday night lights.

Did vivian stringer win a national championship at cheyney state?

No.However, Coach Stringer and Cheyney State were in the championship game of the first ever women's D1 basketball tournament played in 1982. They lost to Louisiana Tech, 76-62.

Is snyder tiger football good?

Snyder Tigers football is in Snyder, TX and they were very good in 2010 looking for state championship 2011. check out the players on youtube! GO TIGERS! BELIEVE--