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Coach Billy Joe, Central State University (Ohio)

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Q: What college football coach has won the national championship 5 times in a row?
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Has a coach ever won a National Championship in College football their first year as a coach?

woody hayes

Has any college football coach won a national championship with two different teams?


What college football coach won a national championship at two different schools?

Nick Saban

What college football coach has been to the national championship the most?

Paul "Bear" Bryant for Alabama.

Which coach won the ncaa championship in college football?

Their are alot of them.

Who is the youngest coach to win the NCAA Championship in College Football?

Danny Ford guided Clemson to its first and only national championship in 1981, and remains the youngest head coach in NCAA history to win a national title, accomplishing the feat at the age of 33.

College football coach to win 2 national titles at 2 different colleges?

That would be Nick Saban, who won a National Championship in 2003 with LSU and in 2009 with Alabama.

Who is Lou Holtz?

Lou Holtz is a retired American football coach and current college football analyst for ESPN. He won 249 games as a college head coach, which includes the national championship with Notre Dame in 1988. Holtz was also the head coach for the New York Jets in 1976.

Who lost the national championship for ncaa division 1 football?

Ohio states coach

What coach lost 7 college football bowl games?

Lloyd Carr - Michigan...he finished his career with a 6-7 Bowl Record and 1 National Championship.

Which college coach has won multiple football national championships?


Who was the first Miami Hurricane's football coach to win a national championship?

the answer your looking for is Howard Schnellenberger