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The ball has gone "in touch" and the restart is a throw-in.

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Q: When the soccer ball goes out of bounds over the sideline what is this called?
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If a ball goes out of bounds over the sideline what is it called in soccer?

Throw in

When is the ball in or out of bounds in soccer?

In professional soccer when the ball goes outside of the lines it is out of bounds.

What is it called when the soccer ball is sent from the sideline across the field in front of the goal?

A cross.

What term used to put a soccer ball into play after its out of bounds called?

A throw-in.

How many seconds do you have to pass the ball in bounds from the sideline in basketball?

5 seconds

How were soccer rules changed?

Before, if the soccer ball went out of bounds, the first person to get to the ball obtained possession. This is why the sidelines are called the touchlines.

Can you kick out of bounds in soccer?

You cannot kick a soccer ball out of bounds and still play it. If the ball is kicked out of bounds you either do a throw in, corner kick, or goal kick, depending where you are on the field.

How does a soccer ball game start when the ball is kicked out of bounds?

They throw it in.

What is the line of scrimmage in football?

When the ball carrier is tackled and does not pass ball to teammate or the ball is out of bounds, the play is called a scrum, and the yard line where the last play was downed is called the line of scrimmage. -----In American football, draw a line from sideline to sideline where the ball is put into play on each down and that is the line of scrimmage.

What does a ball girl do in soccer?

A ball girl in soccer would get the ball when it goes out of bounds and will give it to either the coach - referee and/or put it by the goal post out of bounds so that when a ball goes out again the goalie can just grab the ball that is by the post.

Is the ball out of bounds if the possessor has any part of their body over the sideline?

Noooooooo, they must step on or out of the actual line.

When is the soccer ball considered out of bounds?

when it passes the marked lines on the field.

What is the record for the ball not going out of bounds in a soccer game?

23 minutes

What is an in step kick in soccer?

a step kick is where you punt the ball out of bounds

In football if the ball goes out of bounds and a player is inbounds and catches the ball when it is out but he isn't is it a complete pass?

The ball is not "out of bounds" unless the ball or the player who possesses it touches the ground in an out of bounds area. So in the case where the ball is in flight over the sideline, and a player who is inbounds catches it and demonstrates control before stepping out, the pass is complete.

When is a throw-in awarded in soccer?

When the ball leaves the field of play completely surpassing the sideline.

What is called when you run out of bounds in soccer?

Nothing. When the ball goes out over the sideline, there's a throw-in. If it goes out over the goal line (but not a goal), if the defending player or goalkeeper was the last one to touch it, it's a corner kick, and if it was an attacking player, it's a goal kick.

Can a player run out of bounds without the ball because there is no room to go around the defender inbounds in basketball?

if he is just standing near the sideline and you go out to avoid him, its the other teams ball. but if he pushes you out then its called a force out and you imbound the ball where he knock you out.

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

Who determines which team gets the ball after it goes out of bounds in soccer?

It is down to the officials, the linesmen normally making the decision if it goes over the sideline. Usually there is no doubt about who gets it, so rarely do the officials actually have to formally impose a decision.

What do the linesmen do in soccer?

The linesmen call offside on the teams and they also call if the ball is out of bounds

When is a throw in awarded?

a throw in, in soccer is awarded when the ball is out of bounds but only on the side lines

Can a player step out of bounds in basketball when not having the ball?

yes they can , anytime they want too, however with the ball it is called out of bounds

Where is out of bounds in hockey?

A puck (or ball in soccer) is considered out of bounds when it touches the netting (big net to protect spectators) or goes over the glass.

In soccer when is the ball out of bounds?

When it completely exits the field across a goal line or touch line.