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Noooooooo, they must step on or out of the actual line.

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2010-12-15 23:16:10
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Q: Is the ball out of bounds if the possessor has any part of their body over the sideline?
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Is a player out of bounds if the ball and his upper body are out of bounds before his knee hits the ground in bounds?

Rules vary from state to state but in this case it is perfectly legal. So along as the players feet are in bounds. In highschool football its normally if one foot is in bounds and the other is not out of bounds and the player has control of the ball then its a catch

Can a player dribble down court lose the ball go out of bounds come back on the court and be the first person to touch the ball?

yes as long as all of your body is in bounds before you touch the ball again

In girls basketball can a defender have a foot out of bounds?

yes your whole body can be. as long as you dont have the ball.

In basketball when is a player consider out of bounds?

When any part of a player's body is touching the court outside the out-of-bounds line. However, it is only a turnover if the player has the ball.

When is it out in basketball?

In the game of basketball it is out when either the ball is bounced on the line or anywhere in the out of bounds area or when u have the ball and any part of you body (or ball) touches the line or goes over the line. Hope this helps!!

What are the official rules for traveling out of bounds?

If the player controlling the ball touches the line with eirther his body or the ball, the play is ruled dead and possesion is turned over to the opposing team.

If a basketball is thrown by player A and it hits the body of player B who is standing out of bounds both feet is the ball out on player A or B?

Out on Player B. Doesnt matter wat the circumstances are, whoever touches it last, out of bounds on them.

Is a defender allowed to put a body against you when trying to prevent you from saving a ball from out of bounds?

He is allowed to if it is a pick, like for instance if I stand in front of them and I do NOT move it is okay. But if I move or get shoved they can call moving pick and get the ball or foul shoot.

In girls basketball can the defender take a charge with a foot out of bounds?

Your body including your feet must be in boundds, but if you have one foot straddeling the baseline or sideline as in you are building a wall and the player runs right into you, that is considered a legitimate charge. make sure you are out of the restricted area and that you are not moving in order to get the charge...

If an NFL player flies out of bounds before crossing the goal line in bounds but the ball crosses the extended goal line out of bounds before the player's body hits the ground is it scored a touchdown?

According to referee Ed Hochuli who is quoted in the article that you can read at the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link below, a player who crosses out of bounds is awarded a touchdown if a part of his body touches in the end zone, or the pylon, after the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylons. I interpret the question to ask if a player lands completely out of bounds but the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylon, is it a touchdown? The way I understand what I read, the answer is no since no part of the player touched inbounds. Click on the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link to read the article and weigh in with your opinions. If I'm understanding your question right, you're asking about the hypothetical goal line that "travels around the world" indefinitely out of bounds. The NFL just changed this rule for the 2008 season, so that the extended goal line no longer exists. The player must now break the plane of the goal line within the field of play, or press the ball against the corner pylon, for the touchdown to count.

Can an out of bounds player touch an inbounds soccer ball?

If a player leaves the field during the normal course of play, they may continue to play the ball. Even as their body is off the field. Leaving the field as a form of deception, dissent, or as an offside trap tactic is a cautionable offense.

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