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The first Super Bowl was played between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1967. Green Bay won the game 35 to 10. They also went on to win the second Super Bowl against the Okland Raiders 33 to 14.

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Q: When the first super bowl came out who won it for them and who played?
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Who did the Cowboys beat to win their first Super Bowl?

The Cowboys first Super Bowl victory came in Super Bowl VI when they defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

How old was Joe Montana when he won his first Super Bowl?

Joe Montana was born June 11, 1956. His first Super Bowl victory came in Super Bowl XVI played January 24, 1982. That made him 25 years old.

What show came first Super Bowl or Oscars?

The Oscars

Did the ravens win the Super Bowl in 2004?

No. The Ravens one Super Bowl appearance (and win) came in Super Bowl XXXV played January 28, 2001.

Has Detroit Lions ever played in a Super Bowl?

The Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. The closest they came to a Super Bowl was 1991. That year they played the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship game but they lost that game.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys defeat in their first Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colts, 16-13, in Super Bowl V, their first Super Bowl. The Cowboys first Super Bowl victory came in Super Bowl VI by a score of 24-3 over the Miami Dolphins.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their first super bowl in roman numerals?

The Pittsburgh Steelers' first Super Bowl victory came in Super Bowl IX, on January 12, 1975, when they beat the Minnesota Vikings 16 - 6.

Which was the first Super Bowl to be designated by the roman numerals?

Super Bowl III on January 12, 1969 was the first to be officially designated by roman numerals. However, the two previous AFL-NFL Championship Games came to be known, retroactively, as Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II.

Who did the redskins play the 1991 Super Bowl?

The Redskins played the Buffalo Bills and came out with a Super Bowl victory Sports Media 101

What year did the San Francisco 49er's when their first Super Bowl with Jerry Rice?

Jerry's first ring came in Super Bowl XXIII, the championship of the 1988 NFL season.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to in their first Super Bowl?

The Steelers first loss came on January 28, 1996 in Super Bowl XXX to the Dallas Cowboys, by the score of 27-17.

How many Super Bowls did the Dolphins win in the 1980's?

None. The Dolphins played in two Super Bowls in the 1980s: Super Bowl XVII (1983) when they lost to the Redskins. Super Bowl XIX (1985) when they lost to the 49ers. Both of the Dolphins Super Bowl victories came in the 1970s (Super Bowl VII in 1973 and Super Bowl VIII in 1974).

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