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This is a shift. An illegal shift would include if the offensive line attempts to simulate the beginning of a play. Also, the Center is allowed to move if he hasn't placed his hands on the ball. Once the center places his hands on the ball, he must keep his hands on the ball until it is snapped. I'm not talking about an illegal shift. I'm talking about a false start. Maybe they're the same thing, but the referee calls it a "false start", so that's what I'm going by. Now. If a false start/illegal shift is when "the offensive line attempts to simulate the beginning of a play", as you say, then 99% of all false starts would not be called false starts, because it was ACCIDENTAL, and therefore, there was no ATTEMPT to simulate the beginning of play. But that's not the case. Any time an offensive lineman makes any significant movement, intentional or unintentional, after the line is set, the lineman gets a flag for a false start. So, once again, the question is: Why is it not a false start when the entire offensive line sets, then stands up and looks at the sideline? This is a far more significant movement than 99% of the stuff that gets called for a false start. Please note: I'm not saying that Auburn should be penalized 5 yards every time they do this. What I'm saying is that there is obviously some loophole in the rule that I'm not aware of that lets Auburn get away with it. So, in essence, what I'm asking for is for someone to explain that loophole to me, or to explain the rule in a way where this is not against the rule. Thanks.

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Q: When the entire offensive line sets then stands up and looks at the sideline for the play as Auburn does how is that not a false start?
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