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The batter better get out of the way otherwise it is an interference. If you need to knock her down, that'll teach her a lesson. ( You're allowed to do that if she's in the way.)

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Q: When the catcher is attempting a throw down and the batter is right handed?
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Was Ricky Williams a right handed batter?

No, he was a left handed batter.

What is it called when a batter is right or left handed?

A batter that can hit right handed and left handed is called a switch hitter.

Is Mike Trout right handed?

mike trout is a right handed thrower and right handed batter.

Is Mike trout right-handed or left-handed?

mike trout is a right handed thrower and right handed batter.

Is Jennie Finch a right handed or left handed batter?

she bats and throws right handed

Is Mike Trout left handed?

mike trout is a right handed thrower and right handed batter.

What is stride leg?

Front leg in your swing. Right handed batter: Left leg. Left handed batter: Right leg.

Is Derek Jeter left handed?

Right HandedNo. Derek Jeter is a right handed batter, and throws with his right hand.

Who gets to first base first - left or right handed batter?

A right handed batter would get to first base first because a left handed batter has to take extra time turning around to start running.

Is brendon mccullum a right handed batter?


Is prince fielder a right handed batter?

both right and left

Can a right handed pitcher change to left handed in a game?

Yes, but if he starts a batter right-handed he must finish that batter right-handed (or left-handed if he started the batter left-handed). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it be possible for someone to note the rule in MLB, or in any organized baseball league, that states a pitcher cannot change hands to a batter during an at bat. This question comes up a lot with the question of 'can a batter switch sides of the plate during an at bat'. It would be great if someone could note the rule concerning this.

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