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it depends on where it is. if it is near home plate the catcher should get it. if it is closer to the pitchers mound than the catcher than the catcher should get it. you should call the other guy off if you are getting it so there will be no confusion on who is getting it.

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Q: When the ball is bunted down the first base line who should field the ball?
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Can a bunted ball be foul first?

A bunted ball can be fair, it just depends on where the ball is when it is fielded by the fielder.

A bunted ball hits home plate first then rolls into fair territory is it fair or foul?

its fair

What happens if the ball is 'bunted' on the 3rd strike in softball?

If the ball stays in fair territory, then everything is like a normal bunt. But if the ball is bunted into foul territory on a third strike, then the batter is automatically out.

Is a bunted foul third strike a dead ball?


What is a bunted ball?

A "bunt" is a ball batted into the infield by the batter while holding the bat sideways between his hands. This is a deliberately short hit that is designed to advance a runner and not gain first base for the batter. A bunted ball that rolls foul is considered a strike, even if it is the third strike.

Is bunted an Noun?

No, the word 'bunted' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to bunt. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:Max bunted the ball and ran to first base. (verb)The bunted ball rolled about twelve feet. (adjective)The word 'bunt' is also a noun, a word for a tap of a baseball with a bat; a type of fungus of cereal plants; the middle part of a sail that pouches to catch the wind.

Can a pitcher be charged a fielding error?

Yes. Once the pitched ball is batted, a pitcher becomes a fielder. If he makes an attempt to field a ball and rightfully should be able to score a putout but fails, he can be charged a fielding error. One example would be a bunted ball where the pitchers moves to pick it up with his glove, but instead hits it away from himself, allowing the batter-runner to safely reach first base. The pitcher made an attempt to field the ball and should have had the batter out, but he failed.

Can a runner advance when the batter is hit by a bunted ball out of the batters box?

no because it will be considered a dead ball

What happens when a bunted ball hits bat twice?

If in fair territory batter out...dead ball Type your answer here...

Who covers first base when ball is bunted in major league?

In most cases the 2nd baseman will be covering 1st base on a bunt play.

Can a batter be out on a third strike foul ball?

No, but if it was two strikes, then he bunted a foul, then he would be out

Movie major league Cleveland Indians catcher Jake Taylor what was his final plate appearance?

He bunted the ball and safely made it to first base.

Is there a thing called rolling foul in baseball?

Yea. It usually happens if a player bunts the ball and the ball rolls foul after being bunted.

How far must bunted ball go in fastpitch softball?

It simple has to be in fair territory there is no distance it has to travel.

Can a pitcher get down on his hands and knees and blow a bunted ball foul before it comes to a stop?


This happens if you bunt with two strikes and it goes foul?

You are called out as soon as a ball is bunted foul if that is the considered 3rd strike...

What happens if a bunted ball hits a stationary bat in fair territory?

Absolutely nothing. As far as the rules are concerned, a bat on the ground is the ground and therefore is played normally, unless the bat was thrown on the field in an attempt to keep it fair

How do you know who gets the ball first in field hockey?

Coin toss

Where was field ball first played in the us by whom?

i donโ€™t know

Where to place a bunted ball with a runner on first?

It depends on what the meaning behind the bunt is, and what side you are batting from. Also the defensive set can be a contributing factor. If its a bunt to get on base you are probably going to put it down the first base line, with the first basemen holding the runner on. For a sacrifice bunt to move the runner, anywhere but directly to the pitcher and fair should do.

What happens if a batter hits a ball that hits first base before the batter gets there?

Should a batted ball hit any base, the ball is considered fair and live and the play continues. It is still up to the defense to field the ball and touch first base before the batter does to record an out.

What happens if the ball leaves the field of play in football?

you belend you should know

What part of the shoe should strike the ball for a punt and field goal?


Is The ball rolled in the field or The ball rolled on the field correct?

If the field is a playing field, use on. If it is a field of corn, use in.

What does 2 4 mean in softball?

Ball was thrown from the number 2 position i.e catcher to the number 4 position second baseman. This is a normal scored put out for a bunted ball where the catcher fields the bunt and throws the runner out at first with the second baseman covering that position.