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Q: When soccer first came to the US what was it called?
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How did soccer get into the US?

soccer came into the united states by immigration. where ever soccer came from people from that area immigrated from there to the Americas and brought the custom of soccer with them.

What was soccer called when it cames to US?

soccer! It was called fut-ball it was called football

When did the sport of soccer come to the US?

From the Europeans when they came to America!

What is national game of Italy?

soccer! But it is called football everywhere other than the US. Actually, it's called soccer in Australia as well. The US is not the only exception.

Who first played soccer in the us?

Harry Mitcham did

Who was the first one who played soccer in the US?

Idk. USA sucks at soccer, us Americans should stay with baseball or football.

When did US win their first soccer world cup?


What is a football playground called?

UK- football pitch. US- soccer pitch, soccer field.

Who sold the land called the louisianna purchase?

the french came here first and claimed the land called the Louisianna Territory and us americans bought it from them.

What years have US played for soccer?

The United States played its first international soccer game in 1884 and they have had an international team from then on.

Why is soccer not football in US?

it is not called football in the united states because we allready have a sport called football

What is Football's major soccer league in America called?

The Football league in the US is known as Major League Soccer or MLS for short.