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no you don't have to but if you want to get air without having to ollie then you should just pop or ride off.

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Q: When skateboarding on a vert ramp do you have to ollie at the top of the ramp each time to get air?
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What is the most popular skateboarding trick of all time?

The Ollie......everyone knows that well either the Ollie or kickflip but I'm pretty sure it's the ollie

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Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder with many talents. He did moves like the Ollie to Indy, 540, Ollie 540 and 900.

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What skateboarding tricks should you be able to do if you have been skateboarding for a month?

half kickflipdrop in a 3 meter bawlpop shov it (its a move)A: You should be comfortable riding , stopping, turning, and maintaining good balance on your board before you can move to tricks. This can certainly be accomplished within a months time. If you have these before the end of one month, an ollie would be the next thing to learn as it is fundamental for progressing to other tricks such as a frontside/backside 180, kickflip/heelflip, shuvits and so on.

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