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Straight after exercise

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Q: When should you take your protein shake?
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What protein shake should teenagers take?


How much protein should be in a shake?

A good protein shake should have at least 30g of protein per serving. For body builders this usually who usually take two servings at a time, will get 60g per shake.

When should I eat a banana and protein shake After my workout?

You should eat a banana and a protein shake after workout after refreshing and having a shower.

What should you do after working out?

Drink a protein shake.

Should you drink a protein shake after drinking alcohol?


Can you make a protein shake without protein powder and use a protein shaker cup rather than a blender?

take 5 eggs no shell and shake it

What flavor protein shake is the most popular?

Strawberry and chocolate protein shake are the most popular flavors, however this should not influence you when choosing protein shake flavours since what matters most is what you like.

How fast should you drink a protein shake?

You should drink your protein shake within 10 minutes after workout. It is better for you digesting if you don't drink it to fast and not to slow.

Can you take protein shakes after boxercise?

Yes you should try to take a protein shake as soon as you have finished any exercise as it helps to maintain your muscle and can also aid weight loss.

Is it necessary to take a protein shake before your workout?

No, but it will help

Should I take protein after a workout if its late at night?

You can take a protein shake after a workout even if it is late at night. You will want to watch your total caloric intake for the day if you are working toward losing weight.

Should you use protein shakes or normal food in order to build muscles?

you should use a protein shake so you can be strong.

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