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whenever theres a crap forward and his defenders arnt doing anything

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Q: When should the goalkeeper leave the net to challenge an attacker?
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When should the goalie leave the net to challenge an attacker?

The goalie should leave the net to challenge an attacker only if they are certain that they will be able to get the ball. Often times, a goalie will go out by mistake, and cost the team a goal.

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What happens if a goalie is red carded in soccer?

The goalkeeper has to leave and the team is reduced by one player. The team needs to have a goalkeeper, so then what happens is that another player goes into goal to be the goalkeeper. It could be an outfield player, but the normal thing is to substitute an outfield player with the substitute goalkeeper.

In soccer if the goalkeeper picks up the ball and bounces it 3 times do the players have to leave the box?


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Can a goalie be replaced if he received a red card?

Yes it is the rule , that the goalkeeper that got the red card should leave the pitch and another goalkeeper will take his place, but the coach must withdraw a player, in other words the team will play with 10 players only. Alternatively, the manager can decide to put one of the players already on the pitch in goal, though this rarely happens.

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What is the area of goal keeper?

The area within which a goalkeeper may usually legally handle the ball is called the penalty area, and measures 44 yards across and 18 yards deep. The goalkeeper may leave this area, but is treated like any other player while outside of the penalty area.

What is a sweeper in field hockey?

The sweeper is a deep defensive position; basically, they are the last line of defence besides the goalkeeper. They normally never leave their own 23-metre area, and are there to clear the ball away from the goal or goalkeeper at any time. They are often the strongest defender on the team, and sweeper is almost a specialist role.

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