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Q: When shooting for a goal and you missed a net is that considered a shot on goal?
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When a player is fouled while shooting in basketball does that shot count in their statistics?

Only if they make it. If they make it; it counts as a field goal attempt and a field goal make. If it is missed, it does not count as a missed field goal.

When keeping stats for a basketball player would it be considered a missed field goal if a player is fouled in the act of shooting and miss the shoot attempt?

No. But if they make the shot while being fouled, that does count as a made shot. IF YOU ARE BLACK YOU SHOULD NO THIS

If a player that is not a goalie blocks a shot that was meant to be a goal is that considered a blocked shot or a shot on goal?

It is a blocked shot, not a shot on goal. To be counted as a shot on goal it has to be stopped by the goalie or a goal.

What is foul shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball. It is shot from the freethrow line. If the player made his/her shot, then they get one, if he/she missed they get two, and if they are fouled while shooting a three-pointer, they get three freethrows, or foul shots

What type of NHL shot qualifies for a NHL shot on goal?

There is no NHL definition or rule of a shot, therefore, a shot on goal is up to the discretion of the official scorer. But in general terms, a shot on goal is a shot that is taken with the intent to score that either goes into the net for a goal or the goalie saves from going into the net for a goal. A shot that hits the goalpost or crossbar, or a shot the goalie stops that would not have gone in the net is not considered a shot on goal. A clearing pass that goes through everybody and winds up being stopped by the goalie is not considered a shot on goal because there was not intent by the 'shooter' to score a goal. Similarly an errant pass from a teammate that is stopped by the goalie is not considered a shot on goal.

What sentence has the word interfered in it?

The referee blew the whistle when he saw that a player interfered with the goaltender during the game.

How do you take a shot on goal?

A shot on goal is determined when the puck hits the goalie anywhere or it goes in. You think "if there was no goalie there would the puck have gone in?" if you answered YES! then the shot was a shot on goal

Is shooting an air ball then catching it considered pass to yourself?

No as long As it is a legitiment shot

What did Alexander Hamilton plan to do with his shot during his duel with Aaron Burr?

He intentionally missed Burr by shooting into the trees above Burr's head.

A penalty pass or shot has been awarded in a netball game in the goal circle the shot is released but before it passes through the ring the umpires whistle is blown for time is the goal scored?

penalty pass or shots are taken when obstruction has occured inthe shooting circle

What is a chance in hockey?

There is no set stardard for 'scoring oppertunity" in hockey as the NHL does not keep track of it. I'd consider it to be a open shot from more than a few feet inside the circles, or any chance where the attacking player had a breakaway, large portion of the net open, or a good shot from in close.

In the book The Fallen why was Hector shooting at Frankie?

The reason Hector was shooting at Frankie was because Frankie crippled Hector's brother. He did this by stepping into his stomach at a party. Shooting at Frankie, Hector missed and shot Martin's little brother Huero. After Martin found out that was the reason his little brother got shot seeked revenge on Frankie and Hector.