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I don't ever play right side but here's what i would do:

Blocking- you normally go up to block when the opponent in front of you goes up to hit. Don't jump up until the hitter is just starting to go up (this is different from the beginning of the approach.) That's what you do for blocking unless you do double block then you could either stay there and wait for a teammate or go over to middle/3 position. That just depends on what your team has planned.

Covering hitter- On my team when middle person hits we would go behind them to cover either a. a missed hit or b. a block. You can also cover a back row hitter. When the back row hitter is hitting from your half of the court you need to be prepared and ready right around the 10 foot line.

defense- during defense you need to be at the net ready to block the hit. If they are just going to pass it over then you need to back up to the 10 foot line and be ready to hit the ball. If your right handed your approach should start slightly on the inside of the court. If you are left handed then you should start slightly on the outside of the court.

offense- basically on offense you should be ready to help the setter, pass the ball, or hit it over with a spike.

other- i forgot to add this in up in the hitters part but when your not doing a double block and somebody is hitting to your teammates in either the middle or left position then you should drop back to the 10 foot line. The reason you should be there is so just in case the ball accidentally goes off of the blockers hands you are there ready to get it.

I hope this helps and good luck!!

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Q: When playing right side in a volleyball game how do you cover?
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