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A loss

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Q: When playing billards when sinking the 8 ball and the cue ball is this a win or loss?
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When in billards if a player sinks the 8 ball and the que ball on a break is this a win or loss?

Under the APA Rules, the most used in North America, this is loss of game. Under most House Rules in the US, this is loss of game.

When playing 9 ball and a player sinks the 9 ball and scratches at the same time is it a loss?

no not if its the 9 ball but they do if it is the 8 ball

If you miss the eight ball when its your last ball is that a lloss?

Yes, if you scratch in any way on the eight ball, you lose. (That includes sinking the eight ball in a pocket you didn't call) * Added - Missing the 8 ball under most rules is a foul, not a loss of game. Many House Rules will call the miss loss of game.

What is the process of sinking?

The loss of flotation results in sinking. If a Naval officer PURPOSELY orders the sinking of his vessel to prevent enemy forces from using it, it is referred to as being scuttled.

Is scratching the cue ball in eight ball on the break result in a loss?

No, a scratch on the break in 8 ball is not a loss of game - this gives the opposing player ball in hand behind hte head string. Under some rules, if the 8 ball goes in on the break and there is a scratch, it is loss of game.

If you miss the 8 ball when it is your last ball is that a loss?

If you fail to make a proper shot on the 8 ball under most rules, it is a foul, but not a loss of game. Under many house rules in the US, missing hte 8 when it is your object ball is loss of game.

What was white star lines response to the loss of titanic?

No compensation for families of victims. Officers not paid After sinking

What is the loss of the ball with out attempting a shot in basketball?

a turnover.

Do you lose the game if you miss the 8 ball?

In the game of 8 ball, most rules result in a foul if you fail to hit your object ball - including the 8 ball. It is not typically loss of game, but some House Rules do state that this is loss of game.

Do you lose if you sink the white ball after the black ball go in?

yes, if you sink the white ball, leaving the eight ball on the table it is considered an automatic loss.

What is a loss of possession in basketball?

When the ball goes to the other team.

Why do snakes coil into a huge ball?

to reduce heat loss

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