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Q: When must a figure skater turn 16 to be eligible for the 2014 winter Olympics?
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Who is the best Olympic figure skater?

The best figure skater in the winter Olympics is yo han disimo.

What figure skater dropped out of 2006 Winter Olympics?

Michelle Kwan.

Who was the USA 1968 winter Olympics gold metal winners?

Figure skater Peggy Fleming won the only gold medal for the US in the 1968 Winter Olympics.

Who was the only woman to win a medal in the1968 winter Olympics?

Figure skater Peggy Fleming won the only gold medal for the US in the 1968 Winter Olympics.

What is the youngest age that you can be in the Olympics?

15 years(normal Olympics), 17 years in winter Olympics(a top Japanese figure skater who was 16, turning 17 after the winter olypmics, was not allowed to join.)

Which figure skater won three gold medals at the Winter Olympics?

Gillis Grafstrom won gold medals at the 1920, 1924 and 1928 winter Olympics in the mens figure skating. Sonia Henie won gold medals at the 1928, 1932 and 1936 winter Olympics in the ladies figure skating.

When did Sarah Hughes go to the Olympics?

Sarah Hughes, the American figure skater, she competed in one Winter Olympics (2002 in Salt Lake City) and won gold in ladies singles figure skating.

Who was the first African American to win a medal in the winter Olympics?

Ice Skater Debbie Thomas was the first African American to win a medal at a Winter Olympics, winning the bronze medal in ladies figure skating at the 1988 winter Olympics. She is now an orthopedic surgeon..

Is this Cynthia phaneuf's first Olympics?

Yes, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver are the first that Canadian figure skater Cynthia Phaneuf will compete in.

Is figure skating included in the Summer Olympics?

No, figure skating is in the Winter Olympics and will be competed in the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

How old do you have to be to go to the winter Olympics for figure skating?

the youngest would be 16 years of age but not many get to go to the Olympics at that age but you never know when you have a great drive and compassion for the sport source: my brain and im a figure skater

Is figure skating in the summer Olympics?

No, Figure Skating is a sport in the Winter Olympics only.

What is a name of a girl who figure skated in the 2008 winter Olympics?

There was no winter Olympics in 2008.

When was Miki Ando's first time at the winter Olympics?

2006 Games in Turin. Figure skater Miki Ando from Japan first competed in the Olympics in 2006. She finished 15th in ladies singles.

How did Rachel Flatt do in the Olympics this year?

Figure skater Rachel Flatt of the United States finished 7th in ladies singles at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

Who won the 500m in the 1956 winter Olympics?

Soviet speed skater Yevgeny Grichin won the gold in the 500m race in the 1956 Winter Olympics.

When did figure skating start being played in the Olympics?

The 1908 Games in London. When the Winter Olympics began in 1924, figure skating became an event in the Winter Olympics.

Who is nastia liukin's boyfriend?

She was rumored to be dating Evan lysacek back in 2010, hes a figure skater won gold in the 2010 winter Olympics, but nothing concrete.

Who was the black male US 2006 winter Olympics speed skater?

Shani Davis

When did Ando Miki join the Olympics?

Figure skater Miki Ando of Japan first competed in the Olympics at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin. She finished 15th in ladies singles. She competed at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and finished 5th in ladies singles.

How many athletes competed for israel in 1994 winter Olympics?

Israel sent one athlete, figure skater Michael Shmerkin, to compete at the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer. He finished 16th in men's singles.

How many years has figure skating been in the winter Olympics?

Figure skating has been in the Winter Olympics since 1924 the first game in France

Before the winter Olympics there were two winter sports included in the summer Olympics?

Ice hockey and figure skating.Ice hockey was first competed in 1920 and figure skating in 1908. The first Winter Olympics were in 1924.

What sport did Dorothy hamil play in?

Dorothy Hamill was an American figure skater, who's awards include a Winter Olympics gold and World Championship gold, both in 1976.

What sports are a part of the winter Olympics?

figure skating