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It is possible. The lava would heat the water a lot. The people may die from that.

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Q: When lava gets in oceans can people die swimming in it?
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How do people clean up lava from a volcano?

People do not clean up lava . If anyone or anything touches hot lava it gets burnt or melted . When lava cools down, it forms up into useful rocks and minerals . People sell those rocks to benefit themselves .

How does a volcano gets its lava?

The lava from a volcano is the same as that of the lava in the centre of the earth :)

What is the best temprature for a swimming pool?


How hot does lava get?

Lava gets to about 1,250 degrees celsius.

How does lava get hot?

Lava gets hot deep in the earth

What happens when lava gets cold?

When lava cools it turns into rock.

Why lava flows into the oceans and steam is formed?

Lava is very hot- it is melted rock. Hot rock + water= steam

What are lava balls?

Ball of stuck together lava that flows and gets bigger as it goes down the stream of lava

How is oil contained?

There is lava under the ground if water gets mixedwith lava it makes oil

Why does a cinder cone volcanoes have such steep sides?

when lava flows down it the lava that stayed on it gets hard

How hot does molten lava get?

lava gets over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. the darker it is, the cooler, the lighter it is, the hotter

What types of rocks are formed from lava on the oceans floor?

Igneous Extrusive rocks. It that too general?

What are dark colored areas that look like oceans and were formed by lava flows?

The "Maria" on the Moon.

How is a ash formed from a volcano?

gas gets trapped doesn't it and magma or lava gets shot out

How does a volcano gets its shape?

Lava. When the lava comes out of the volcano, gravity pulls the lava down the cone of the volcano, and depending the the viscocity of the lava, it forms a 'cone' or 'shield' as it cools. Thinner lava forms a shield volcano; thicker lava forms a steeper cone shape.

Why do you think some lava is thick and some lava is thin?

It depend on how hot the volcano is. It depends on the temperature and on the chemistry of the lava. Lava that is rich in silica material is very thick. The less silica, the thinner it gets.

Why magma is important?

it is important because if the magma rises it becomes lava so if lava gets hot the volcano erupts

What is it called when magma gets stuck in the layers of a volcano?


What flows from rifts in the sea floor and builds up high enough to break the oceans surface?


What are conditions that large and small crystals will form?

large crystals (that form from volcanoes) form when lava under ground gets separated from the main lava chamber and begins slowly cooling. Smaller crystals form when either, one: Volcanoes erupt and lava cools, or two: Lava under ground gets separated from main lava chamber close to the surface and cools fairly quickly.

How is a volcano a rapid change?

when a volcano hot lava gets on erarth surface it gets hard an cause a change

Why do volcanoes cause traffic?

Lava gets in the way of the cars driving.

How do you get Finland to your minecraft multiplayer?

type /finland while swimming in lava

Can you live in Switzerland?

No because there are moles there and because the surface of Switzerland consists of molten lava, with sharks swimming in it.

Is lava harmful?

Yes. Deaths from lava are fairly rare because lava usually flows slowly, but people have burned to death from it. Even when it doesn't kill, a lava flow can easily destroy people's homes.