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Q: When it's very cold outside Horses prefer to sleep?
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When it's very cold outside where do horses prefer to sleep?

horses prefer to sleep in its box in the warmth

When it's very cold outside hores prefer to sleep?

In the warmth, in its box

How cold is too cold for a dog to sleep outside?

think about if u would sleep outside and there is your answer

Does a Akita dog do good outside in a cold climate?

Yes, they are like a Husky, and most would prefer the cold. I have an Akita now, used to have a Husky that would sleep in the snow instead of her Igloo.

When horses are cold where do they sleep?

Next to another horse

When is to cold for a pit bull to sleep outside?

If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pit bull.

Do ants sleep outside?

Depends if it's cold or not...

Can horses stay in Canada?

Yes, and they may prefer it, because horses prefer cold weather to hot weather. Because of their coats, they are comfortable 30 degrees colder than we can even stand.

Why do horses stay out in freezing cold?

Horses like the cold for some reason. They are better equipped to handle cold than they are to handle hot weather. Also, horses hate being in a small confined area. They are claustrophobic. Small enclosed spaces stress them. Since horses don't know that they don't have any predators, when they are in a small confined area, they are constantly scared because they have no where to run to if a predator shows up. They're trapped. And horses are herd animals. They prefer being with the herd, and the don't feel safe away from the herd.So horses prefer being outside, in the open, with their buddies, where they can run away from the invisible monsters should they need to.

Are sea horses cold water fish?

No, they prefer warmer water (between 72 to 78 F).

Is my puppy ok to sleep outside?

NO Your puppy may CATCH a COLD.

What is a horses functional adaptation?

some examples of a horses functional adaptation, is that that they can sleep standing up. Their coat grows long in cold conditions.

How cold is too cold for a cat to sleep outside?

if its raining they will find shelter and will live but if the weather starts showing signs of snow its to cold for em

Can Thoroughbred Horses be kept outside?

Yes, and keeping a horse outside is the healthiest way to keep them. If they are clipped and it is winter, you may have to blanket them. If you touch there ear and it is cold, then they are cold. If not, leave them be. They are warm enough. If it is cold, supply them with free choice hay, because digesting this heats up the horses internal furnace and keeps him warm.

When its cold outside would a horse rather sleep in its box in its owners room or in the meadow?


How do you treat a guinea pig cold?

Bring it in to sleep inside if it's actually cold outside, go to the vet as they can give u medication.

Can a dog sleep outside when its cold?

It depends. Is your dog used to cold weather? Does he have a long coat? if so, i think it would be fine, but it wouldn't alwasy be comfortable.

Are draft horses the same as cold blooded horses?

There are no cold blooded horses...

A snail can sleep for 3 years?

Yes, if it's too cold or hot outside, it'll curl up in its shell and possibly sleep that long.

Is it best for horses to live out?

It really depends on the situation. If your horse is young, healthy and fit, they would probably prefer to live outside. However, older horses or those with health problems would benefit from turnout during the day but coming into a stall at night and when the weather is not good. Any horse that lives outside should have a run-in shed for shelter in bad weather, which does need cleaning although not as often as stalls. Also, clean water is a must, and a feeding station raised off the ground a little is a good idea. And remember, some horses such as horses who come from show stables or those moving from a warm to cold climate may simply prefer to live in a stall. Always pay attention to changes in your horses behavior as you change their habits.

What hardships did soldiers have during the Civil War?

soldiers had to sleep in the cold and were hungry and desperate. even the women have to sleep outside and camp near loved ones

Where do snowy owls sleep?

Snowy owls spend most of their lives in the arctic tundra, a cold barren landscape most of the year. They will commonly sleep in trees or els they will prefer to sleep atop dirt and stone mounds where there are none.

What are the Rules to treating horses?

Be nice :) Provide a field, water and a shelter in the field, when it gets cold put on rugs for it. A stable is not essential as many horses prefer to stay out, but they can get bad habits if they stay out all of the time.

Are cold blooded horses the same as draft horses?

All Draft horses are cold - blooded.

Does sleeping Barefoot help you sleep longer?

It really matters what you prefer, and the temperature of the room.If its warm and your feet sweat a lot or they get uncomfortable a lot in your sleep yes sleep barefoot.if it's cold and you can't sleep without socks don't sleep barefoot.