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Q: When is undertaker going to come back from his vegetative state?
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When is undertaker coming back to smackdown in 2010?

The undertaker will probably come back when he recovers from his vegetative state

When will undertaker come back?

I Guess After His Injury, They Just Make A Story Line That He Is In Vegetative State So That He Can Recover From His Injury

Is The Undertaker going to go back to being the old undertaker?


Will the undertaker come back?

Definitely. Mark Calaway, who performs as The Undertaker is currently suffering from a concussion and broken orbital bones obtained in the 28 May 2010 SmackDown! match with Rey Mysterio. As soon as that's healed, he'll be back to start a feud with the wrestler who is revealed to have (kayfabe) put him in a vegetative state, most likely Kane, as the Undertaker and Kane are likely to have a Casket match at SummerSlam 2010.

Is the Undertaker actually being buried and then coming back?

yes hes going to get buried then he is going back to smackdown

Will the undertaker rise again and return?

yes the undertaker is in a vegetative state as per wwe storyline and now its Kane who is responsible as scripted at summerslam it will be the undetaker vs Kane in a casket match he will be back but the actual thing he is out of action is because hes nose was broken the oribital bone during a match against rey mysteio on smackdown

Is undertaker going to come back to the WWE?

yes he will return at wrestlemania27

When is the undertaker going to come back?

October 23rd, 2011 at the PPV Vengeance.

Is undertaker going tocome back to the wwe?

the undertaker returned on raw 1, 000 to help kane . so he already returned . but he might

When is the undertaker going to be back from wrestlemainia?

after the Royal Rumble about the same time as last year

When undertaker will come back in action?

right now Undertaker is injured but will return to fight brock lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 they said Brock Lesnar is interrested in going against Undertaker at WM29

When is the undertaker coming back after WrestleMania 25?

He is going to come back in WrestleMania 27 against The Core and The New Nexus