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As of July 2017, the next time the senior team play is on the 11th of November 2017, against South Africa in Dublin. The women's team plays on the 9th of August against Australia in Dublin.

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Q: When is the next Ireland rugby match?
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Ireland rugby match who won today?

In the Ireland-Italy rugby match Ireland won. The score was 46-7.

Who Won The Rugby Ireland VS Austillia?

Ireland beat Australia in the rugby world cup match that you are referring to.

Which player holds the record for the most points scored for Ireland in rugby a match against Wales?

david humphries

When is the next Australia vs new zealand rugby match?

11th of September in sydney

Is rugby played in Ireland?

Yes, rugby union is played in Ireland

When was the last time Australia played Ireland in rugby?

The last time Australia played against Ireland in rugby was in the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand. The match was played on 17. September and the venue was Eden Park i Auckland. Ireland won the match 15-6.

How do you say that ireland won the rugby match in irish?

Bhuaigh an hÉireann an cluiche rugbaí It's not fully correct, but it's close

Who won the Ireland vs wales rugby match 2011?

Ireland played Wales twice in 2011, in the 6 Nations and the World Cup, with both matches being won by Wales.

Which legendary rugby player scored his first ever international try for Ireland during his last match on home soil?

Willie McBride

When was Stephen Ireland - rugby league - born?

Stephen Ireland - rugby league - was born in 1984.

Why do Ireland not have two rugby teams?

Ireland has many rugby teams. However, what you are probably referring to is why there is not a Republic of Ireland and a Northern Ireland team. The reason is that, like many sports in Ireland, rugby is played on an all-Ireland basis and there one organisation that looks after it, the Irish Rugby Football Union, and so there is one international team.

When was Rugby League Varsity Match created?

Rugby League Varsity Match was created in 1981.