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Pittsburgh has never won the NCAA men's tournament

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Q: When is the last time the pitt mens basketball team won a national champion?
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Who won the most national championships in basketball?

UCLA has won the most NCAA mens basketball championships; the last undefeated national mens champions were Indiana, 1976

Who won the Last 20 NCAA mens basketball national champions?

Click the link:

Who was the 2008 mens ncaa basketball champion?

Kansas Jayhawks

Who was the big 12 champion in 2009 for mens basketball?


Which Big Ten mens basketball team was the first NIT champion?


What is the US premier professional mens basketball league?

The National Basketball Association.

How many national championships does ucla have in mens basketball?

11 national championship

Who has the most mens basketball national championships?


Who won 2009 mens national basketball chapionship?

North Carolina

Who won the mens college basketball national championship in 2006?


How many national championships does Kansas University have in mens basketball?


Which conference has the most national championships in mens basketball?

Pac 10

Who won the national championship in ncaa mens basketball in 2008?


How many mens national basketball championships has Louisville won?

They have won 2.

When was the last time Nebraska mens basketball won at Kansas?


How many medal count for basketball?

1 for the winning team ex. 1 Gold - for mens team champion 1 Silver - for mens team runner up 1 Bronze - for mens team last and same thing with the womens team a total of 6 medals in this event.

What was the last year that they went to the NIT?

When was the last year uk mens basketball went to the nit

How many NCAA Mens Basketball Championships has Kansas won?

3 national championships

When does the 2008 NCAA mens basketball tournament END?

last year it ended

When was the last time ucla won a ncaa mens basketball championship?


Who has won the last big 12 championships in mens basketball?

University of Kansas

Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

What is the last name of soccer star Paul?

what is the name of former british mens tennis champion

Who was Last mens NCAA basketball to win it it all that was ranked 1?

Duke in 1996

Who was the last all white team to win the ncaa mens basketball tournament?