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Mississippi State has not won a National Championship.

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south carlinoa, Kentucky,Arkansas,vanderbilt,and Mississippi st.

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2009, Texas over Alabama < incorrect. Alabama beat Texas

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Q: When is the last time an sec team played for the national championship and did not win?
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Did Tom Brady start the national championship game in 1997?

No he did not start, but he played on the team.

Was Dan Blocker ever on a national championship team?

Dan Blocker, who played the character Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza, was an offensive lineman for the 1946 Hardin-Simmons University Cowboys. The team went 11-0 and won its conference championship (Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association) but no national championship. The team played in the 1947 Alamo Bowl and defeated the University of Denver, 20-0.

Did the University of Oklahoma win a National Championship in any sport in 2010 and if so what sport?

The University of Oklahoma did not win any national championships in 2010. The last time a sport at the university won a national championship was the 2008 gymnastics team.

Do a redshirt freshman on a national championship team get a championship ring?

Yes, they are on the roster.

Which NCAA basketball team won the first national championship?

Oregon ducks won the first National Championship in 1939.

Which NCAA Division 1 women's basketball team was the last to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship?

The last women's team to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship was the 2001-2002 Connecticut Huskies that went 39-0. Tennessee Volunteers were undefeated in 1998 and wre also 39-0.

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Which college football team has not won a national championship?

a lot

Is there volleyball in Bulgaria?

Yes it is! Bulgaria are very good at volley. Bulgarian team CSKA was at semi final in CEV cup this year and the national team is 3th at the last European championship.

What team has lost their conference and went to national championship?

In 2001 the Nebraska football team did not even make the Big Twelve championship game after losing to Colorado 62-36 in the final contest of the regular season and still went on to play in the national championship. Nebraska lost 37-14 against Miami in the national championship.

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