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As Hasbro has no plans of closing the Nerf brand, it is unknown when the last Nerf gun will come out.

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Q: When is the last Nerf gun coming out?
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What is the newest Nerf gun coming out?

newewst gun is stampede

Is there a Nerf gun coming out in 2011?


What Nerf gun is never coming out?

That would be the Nerf Hydra sg-7.

What Nerf gun is coming out 09-09-09?

The gun that came out on 09-09-09 was the Nerf raider.

What will be the next Nerf gun?

it is going to the Nerf raider Now it would be the Nerf longstrike cs-6, coming out in spring 2010

Is the Tommy Nerf gun real?

real thommy gun no. Is a Nerf thommy Nerf gun a real thommy Nerf gun then yes

When is the next Nerf gun coming out 2012?

Yes there will be the Nerf Elite is a new Nerf series in 2012, to keep updated with New nerf products and News you can go to

When is the Last Nerf gun coming out and what is it?

Nerf has run into some money trouble but are recovering pretty fast so my answer they will be around for quite a long time unless someone buy's them or they go bank rupt.

What is the tax of a Nerf gun?

It depends what Nerf gun it is

What Nerf gun is coming out in 2010?

The Nerf Long Strike cs-6 is coming out Spring 2010. These are Nerf blasters that maybe will come out: The Nerf Bull Shark gl-8, the Nerf Icarus hm-7, and the Nerf Cerberus cs-12.dgamer297Well I think the Nerf barricade will come out in December in Canada.

Which one is smaller the Nerf dart tag or the Nerf pen gun?

the Nerf dart gun

What is the latest Nerf gun?

The Nerf Longstrike will be coming out in February 2010, you can find more info about it at Nerf newz. Http:// or and you can go to

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