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When there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third with less than two outs.

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Q: When is the infield fly rule put into effect?
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What does it mean if an infield fly rule is in effect during a softball game?

Baserunner(s) cannot advance or be put out if the ball is dropped.

What is the infield-fly rule in baseball?

The infield fly rule is only in effect with runners on first and second or first, second, and third. The rule is put into effect when there is a pop up in the infield that is catchable. When the umpire yells, "Infield fly, batter's out" He means that the batter is out and the runner's don't have to go even if the fielder drops the ball. This is to protect the runners so they don't have to decide whether to stay on first base in case the fielder catches or to go in case he drops. If the fielder drops the ball the team in the field would have plenty of time to get the lead runner(s).

What happens when a fly ball hit to the first baseman is dropped with a runner on first base?

Nothing in your situation. Only maybe if there is less than two outs and at least another runner on second. If there is less than two outs, the infield fly rule applies. The runner should stay on first base. The batsman would be out anyway. That is the purpose of the infield fly rule. It was put in when Ty Cobb had a similar situation. He was playing short stop. There were runners on first and second. A batter hit a pop up toward him. He yelled, "I got it." The runners stayed on first and second. He dropped the ball. Tagged the runner on second. Stepped on the base, and threw the ball to first for a triple play. Then baseball put in the infield fly rule. If there is a popup in the infield with zero or 1 outs, and runners on base that would be forced out, the batter is out and the runner should not advance.

What year was the designated hitter rule put into effect?

The designated hitter rule was put in effect in 1973.

What is infiled fly rules in baseball?

Simply put, its when a batter hits the ball in the air but the ball never travels far enough to get out of the infield. However there must be less than 2 out and at least 2 people on base for this rule to take effect. When an umpire calls for an infield fly the batter is automatically out regardless of if the fielder catches it. Runners must still tag up. The reason for the rule is that back in the day players would purposefully drop the ball in order to get a double play (because the runners would not be running to the next base)

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