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Eufa Cup final is 20 May in Istanbul

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Q: When is the eufa cup final?
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Which EUFA Cup final did Jim McCluskey of Scotland referee?


How many EUFA super cup did FC Barcelona have so far?


Who was the only player to win world cup eufa cup European cup and four divisions of football league?

David john

How many times have Liverpool fc won the supper cup?

If by super cup, you mean the EUFA Super Cup; then they have won it 3 times.

What year did liverpol win facup league cup and eufa cup?

2001 - they beat Arsenal (FA Cup), Birmingham (League Cup) and Alaves (UEFA Cup).

How many times have Liverpool one the EUFA cup?

Three times, 1973, 1976 and 2001

Who was the first irishman to win the eufa European cup?

Tony Dunne Manchester United 1968

What is the date of the EUFA champions league final?

The date for the final of the hampion league is to be held in Rome, on Romas ground, on the 29th of may 2009

Which player has won the premier league cup winners cup eufa cup been relegated but never played in the championship or and won the champions league?

Nwankwo Kanu.

Which club has most EUFA Champions league trophies?

EUFA champiom winers

Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

What is it rangers can do it but Celtic can't Chelsea can Liverpool can't arsenal can villa can't man utd could do it but probably wouldn't want to?

with the champion's league, eufa cup/europa league and cup winners cup

Who is the only player to score in an fa cup final league cup final uefa cup final and champions league cup final?

Steven Gerrard

Who has scored in the fa cup final and the uefa cup final and the champions league final and the carling cup final?

Teddy Sheringham

Who is the only player to have scored in an fa cup final league cup final uefa cup final and a champions league final?

steven Gerrard

What is the cup for the final in the Guinness Hurling final?

The Liam McCarthy Cup.

Whos the only player to have scored in a champions league final uefa cup final fa cup final and league cup final?

matt tubbs

Who won eufa eurocup 2012?


Where is the Carling cup final held?

The Carling cup final will be held at the Wembeley.

Which World Cup has no final match?

Every World Cup had a final match.

When did Liverpool last reach a cup final?

This year's fa cup final

What World Cup final had not held?

There was no official World Cup final match in 1950.

Who has losers medals for FA cup final League cup final and UEFA champions league final?

Sol Campbell

What is more watched Super Bowl or final soccer world cup?

It is the final of the world cup.

When is the 2011 FA cup final?

The date of the FA Cup Final is 14 May 2011.