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The first preseason game of 2014 was August 3 between the Giants and the Bills. The Giants won the game 17-13.

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Q: When is the beginning of nfl preseason games?
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How many nfl preseason games were played during the 1960 seaon?

how many preseason games did the nfl play in 1970

What is the most preseason games played in a single nfl season per team?

4 is the amount of preseason games played by a NFL team in a season.

How many preseason games does football have?

the NFL has four

How many nfl preseason games were there in 1971?


Do preseason games count in the record books for a NFL team?

No They Do Not.

Do NFL preseason games count for a teams record?

No. Preseason games are glorified "practice," and don't count toward a team's record for the season.

How many weeks is in preseason in the NFL?

4 weeks. Beginning in August ending the beginning of September around Labor Day.

How many nfl preseason games including hall of fame game?


How many games do you play in NFL football?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL season, every NFL Team plays, 4 preseason games and 16 regular season games.

How much do football players get paid during preseason?

nfl players get game checks but not in the preseason.So do they get paid for preseason games .And do they get a percentage of the gate or merchandice at presesaon games.

How many Thursday night games in the nfl?

10 games in the 2010 regular season (23 preseason games)9 games in the 2009 regular season (22 preseason games)10 games in the 2008 regular season (21 preseason games)8 games in the 2007 regular season (19 preseason games)*no post season games are played on Thursday*

What date do the 2009 nfl preseason games start?

The 2009 NFL Preseason kicks off with the Hall of Fame weekend when the Buffalo Bills play the Tennessee Titans on August 9th.

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