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Q: When is the AFC and NFC chanpionship games?
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Who won more games this year the AFC or the NFC?


Who lost the AFC and NFC conference championship games this year?

AFC: Jets NFC: Vikings

Have any NFC or AFC championship games been decided in overtime?

None of the AFC or NFC Championship games have ever been decided in an overtime period.

What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south

How many AFC and NFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers won eight AFC championship games in their history. They have never played in the NFC.

What are professional football divisions?

The NFL Divisions are NFC North NFC South NFC East NFC West AFC North AFC South AFC East AFC West

Who won more games NFC or AFC?

the NFC has the edge there by the time of the afl nfl merger the NFC has by far dominated the AFC. it is likely that the NFC has more than a 1000 more victories than the AFC. but recent proof is that the NFC's talent is loosely based on no gamers having to climb there way to the top whereas the AFC has more solid talent.

How many NFC Championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers been in?

You have to be in the NFC to play in the NFC championship game. The Steelers are in the AFC.

Are the 49ers in the NFC or AFC?


What was the score of the 2010 NFC vs AFC?

Nfc 34, AFC 41

What does the winnerof the AFC and NFC means?

what does it means if the winner of the AFC and NFC means

Is the home team of Super Bowl XLVII NFC or AFC?

The designated home team alternates between the AFC team in even-numbered games and the NFC team in odd-numbered games. XLVII is odd-numbered, so the NFC team will be the designated home team.

What is the time of the AFC and NFC championship games?

Jan 24, 2010 AFC: 12:00 PM ET NFC: 6:00 PM ET

What NFL team holds the record for most playoff games lost in a row?

Through the 2008 season, the NFL record for most consecutive playoff games lost is 6 and is held by 7 teams. 3 of the 7 teams' losing streak are current.Current 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Detroit Lions - 1991 NFC Conference Championship, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1995 NFC Wildcard, 1997 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard2) Dallas Cowboys - 1996 NFC Division, 1998 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2006 NFC WIldcard, 2007 NFC Division3) Kansas City Chiefs - 1993 AFC Conference Championship, 1994 AFC Wildcard, 1995 AFC Division, 1997 AFC Division, 2003 AFC Division, 2006 AFC WildcardHistoric 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Cleveland Browns - 1969 NFL Conference Championship, 1971 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Division, 1980 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Wildcard, 1985 AFC Division2) New York Giants - 1939 NFL Championship, 1941 NFL Championship, 1943 NFL Division, 1944 NFL Championship, 1946 NFL Championship, 1950 NFL Division3) Minnesota Vikings - 1988 NFC Division, 1989 NFC Division, 1992 NFC Wildcard, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1996 NFC Wildcard4) Seattle Seahawks - 1984 AFC Division, 1987 AFC Wildcard, 1988 AFC Division, 1999 AFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2004 NFC Wildcard

When is the AFC NFC Championship games in 2009?

Sunday January 18, 2009

Is the Chicago Bears NFC or AFC?


Is Tennessee Titans NFC or AFC?


Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC or the NFC?


Are the Indianapolis Colts in the NFC or the AFC?


Are the Philadelphia eagles NFC or AFC?


Are the Green Bay Packers in the AFC or NFC?


How many times have the AFC or NFC championship games gone into double overtime?

never has!

Are the cowboys AFC or NFC?

The Cowboys are in the NFC East.

Is new Orleans an AFC or NFC team?


Are the New York Giants in the NFC or the AFC?

They are in the NFC