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Wednesday 12th May, mark it in your diary.


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โˆ™ 2010-05-01 16:27:11
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Q: When is the 2010 Europa League final?
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Which team won the europa league this week?

Chelsea won the 2013 Europa League final.

Which year did Fulham play in the Europa League final?

In 2010, when they lost 2 - 1 to Atlético Madrid.

Where is the 2010 europa cup final?


Where is the 2012 europa league final being held?


When is europa league draw 2010-2011?

It is whenever you want it to be

Will Liverpool FC get into the Europa League Final?

They may not make it nrxt year.

Why are Liverpool in the Europa league?

they arn't doing to well this season. but i can garenty you that they will reach the final and win the europa league. im just saying that because i am a Liverpool fan.

Did ac milan beat barca 4-0 in europa or champions league?

This was the 1994 Champions League final

UEFA Champions League final 2010?

The uefa champions league final 2010 will be in the Santiago Burnabeu Madrid,spain.

Are juventus assured of europa league in the 2010 11 season?

Yes they have just made it.

How Many Europa league does fc porto won?

2 Europa League

When was UEFA Europa League created?

UEFA Europa League was created in 1971.

Who won the uefa europa league?

Atletico Madrid beat Fulham 2-1 aet in the final.

Where is 2010 champions league final held?

The 2o10 champion league final will be held in Moscow.

Do the winners of the europa league go into the champions league?

No, but the champions will automaticaly qualify for the next year's Europa League.

Can burnley get in the europa league?

Yes if fulham win the europa league. They will gain entry by the fair play league.

How many goals has Gerrard scored in league and cup so far this season 2010-2011?

8 in league 10 in europa

What is the date of the 2010 Champions League Final?

22 may 2010

How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?

Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

When is champions league final 2010?

22nd may

Where is the euroa league final held in 2010?


Who is in the 2010 champions league final?

Manchester united

Where is the champions league final this year?

The 2010-2011 final will be played at Wembley.

What is the date of the championship league playoff final 2010?

It is on 22 May 2010

Does winning the Europa Cup automatically qualify a team for the Champions League?

No. They qualify for the europa league next year no matter what league position.