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Q: When is high school softball season?
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Do boys play softball in high school?

High school softball is typically reserved for girls

Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

What states have a 43 ft pitching distance in high school softball?

2010-11 season as required by the NFHS

What is the record for grand slams by one player in one season for high school softball?

82 by garret wittles

What size softball is used in high school?

a 12 inch softball

What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?

what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

What softball pitcher has the most strikeouts in a single season?

Cat Hosfield, a high school All American and 2008 Softball National Player of the Year who is now playing at Tennessee. This All SEC team player fanned 659 batters in a single season during her junior campaign at Riverdale High School .

When does softball season end?

For high school, around beginning of June. For college, around end of August.

What size softball is used in High school fast pitch softball?

12 inch

Softball bat size for high school?

There is no bat size in high school softball that you must have just pick what size you think fits you best

What is the size of a high school softball?

12 inch

What size softball for high school?

12 inch

Spikes or cleats for high school softball?


Can you wear rubber cleats in high school softball?

do what

In college softball how far is the pitchers mound to home plate?

College softball distance is 43 feet. Recently the national high school governing organization voted to move high school pitchers back from 40 to 43 feet beginning in the 2010-2011 season. High schools are free to move to 43 feet in the 2009-2010 season if they choose.

How much money does a high school softball player make?

High school sports do not pay

What is the salary of a highschool softball coach?

In the US, the average annual salary for a high school softball coach is $33,000. The average yearly salary for a high school softball coach in Dallas, Texas is $34,000.

How far is the mound from home plate in girls slow pitch softball for high school girls?

There is no slow pitch softball for high school girls. In fact there is no slow pitch softball for middle school girls either. I would know since i play for my school.

What kind of education or certificate do you need to be a girls high school softball coach?

at least high school

How many innings in girls high school softball?

there are 7

Where did the softball get invented?

Maconaquah High bunker hill, IN

Will there be a new season of high school of the dead?

Yes there will be a new season of high school of the dead

Can you wear metal cleats in middle school softball?

No not in middle school. You can in most high school associations.

What is the Distance between High School Softball bases?

60 feet.

Are there official guidelines for softball tryouts in high school sports?

The softball season officially begins February 1st. You cannot practice or hold try-outs before this time. You can condition before this date, but you are not to handle any softball gear such as bats, gloves, or softballs.