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it is used when you are shooting the ball.

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2011-12-04 16:06:21
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Q: When is co-ordination is used in netball?
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Why is coordination important in netball?

For efficient running into space and accurate passing/shooting.

Components of fitness in netball?

The fitnesss components of netball are: Speed Agility Strength Power Flexibility Balance Coordination Reaction Time Cardiovascular Endurance

Why is netball needed in netball?

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

What are the equipment used in netball?

a netball. that is it, although you could count netball posts but there is absolutaly no other equipment used in a game of netball

Why is coordination in netball?

You need hand and eye and be able to look every where around the court to see other players.

Why is coordination needes in netball?

You need hand and eye and be able to look every where around the court to see other players.

Should communication be used on a netball court?

yes it should be used in all netball games

What skill are developed in netball?

Ball skills, hand-eye coordination, movement skills such as running, stopping, turning and dodging and aiming skills associated with passing and shooting are all very important and will developed by playing netball.

What size ball is used in netball?

a size 4 ball is used for high 5 netball (which is what younger players play) and a size 5 ball is what is used in 7s netball which is what adults play x

Why the ball is used in netball?

If there was no ball it would not be called netball it would be called net

What type of ball is used in netball?

A netball... round ball, like a small basketball

What bones are used in netball?

All of them.

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