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Arsenal will play Barcelona in the 2010 quarter finals on the 31/3/2010.

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Q: When is arsenal playing Barcelona 2010?
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How will finish Arsenal vs Barcelona in Champions League 2010-2011?

The first game Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona.Second game Arsenal 0-3 Barcelona

How will finish Arsenal vs Barcelona in Uefa Champions League 2010-2011?

First game Barcelona 1-2 Arsenal.Second game Arsenal 0-3 Barcelona

Who will win arsenal or Barcelona?

i think that FC Barcelona will win arsenal because Barcelona is better than arsenal

How many times has Arsenal played Barcelona?

As far I know, FC Barcelona and Arsenal have played 4 times. First time: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal Second time: Arsenal 2-2 FC Barcelona Third time: FC Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Fourth time: Arsenal 2-1 FC Barcelona

Which is better Barcelona or arsenal?

Barcelona is better

Who is better arsenal or Barcelona?

Barcelona is ranked 2nd in UEFA; Arsenal is ranked 6th in UEFA.

Who has scored four goals against arsenal?

Lionel Messi for Barcelona on 6th April 2010

Is Barcelona better than Arsenal?

Barcelona would be regarded as better than Arsenal, based on their achievements.

How many times have Arsenal beaten Barcelona in all competitions?

the frist time in history Arsenal bet Barcelona Arsenal beat Barcelona in the 1st leg of 2011 quarter final

What players have transfered to Barcelona from premiership?

Aleksander Hlep the Belarus footballer moved from Arsenal to Barcelona, so did Thierry Henry from Arsenal to Barcelona.

Is Barcelona the best team or arsenal the best team?


How many times has arsenal beat Barcelona?

Arsenal has just beat Barcelona once. that's their last meeting

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