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Barcelona would be regarded as better than Arsenal, based on their achievements.

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Q: Is Barcelona better than Arsenal
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Who will win arsenal or Barcelona?

i think that FC Barcelona will win arsenal because Barcelona is better than arsenal

Which is better Barcelona or arsenal?

Barcelona is better

Who is better arsenal or Barcelona?

Barcelona is ranked 2nd in UEFA; Arsenal is ranked 6th in UEFA.

Which team is better between Arsenal and Barcelona?

Barcelona are far better as they all have experience.

How many times Barcelona beat Chelsea in all competition?

As far I know, FC Barcelona and Arsenal have played 4 times. First time: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal Second time: Arsenal 2-2 FC Barcelona Third time: FC Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Fourth time: Arsenal 2-1 FC Barcelona

Is Fabregas leaving arsenal?

well 2 be brutally honest the answers no but with real Madrid and Barcelona both looking to offer him some money(85,000,000) arsenal could say yes although if arsenal beat Barcelona this week he might want to stay at the better squad ARSENAL!

What players have transfered to Barcelona from premiership?

Aleksander Hlep the Belarus footballer moved from Arsenal to Barcelona, so did Thierry Henry from Arsenal to Barcelona.

Is arsenal better than atletico Madrid?

Yes Arsenal is far better.

Who are better man united or arsenal?

Manchester united are better than arsenal

Are arsenal better than west ham?

West Ham are far better than Arsenal, in your dreams.

Is Manchester better than arsenal?

Arsenal is way better than Manchester United and Manchester City!

When is arsenal playing Barcelona 2010?

Arsenal will play Barcelona in the 2010 quarter finals on the 31/3/2010.